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Mobile attribution

Written by Udit Verma

Mobile attribution Mobile attribution is a method for determining which campaigns, media partners, and channels delivered specific app installs. What is mobile attribution? In the simplest terms, mobile attribution ties app installs to marketing efforts. It’s important for marketers because […]


Non-organic install (NOI)

Written by Udit Verma

Non-organic Install (NOI) A non-organic install (NOI) refers to an app download that happened as the result of marketing activity (e.g. a paid or owned media campaign).   What are NOIs? Non-organic installs happen when a user chooses to download […]

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Reattribution Window

Written by Nikhil Kumar

A reattribution window refers to a set period of time set during which a user re-installs an app. How do reattribution windows work? Reattribution happens when an install is generated by a user who had previously uninstalled a given app, […]

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Organic install

Written by Bharath S.

Organic install The term “organic installs” refers to app downloads that take place without any direct marketing efforts to attract users through paid or owned media campaigns. Organic installs are downloads made by users who independently learn about apps through […]

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Active User

Written by Barkha Gaur

Active users refer to the number of unique users who engage with an app or a website during a predefined period of time and is a metric designed to measure growth, churn, and product stickiness.  What is an active user? […]

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