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Manage, track, analyze, and optimize your online advertising campaigns in real-time with Trackier’s Affiliate Tracking Software.


Affiliate Tracking Software
Real Time Attribution Tracking

What are we measuring?

With Trackier’s Affiliate Tracking Software, you can track, analyze, and optimize these characteristics

Major Media Buying Models to Track

Understand where you are spending every dollar and what is being generated from your marketing efforts.

Media Buying Models
Why Choose Trackier

Why choose Trackier?

Trackier makes it easy for users to manage not just publishers, and advertiser relations, but creatives and conversions as well from a single, unified environment.

Trackier Affiliate Tracking Software Features

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Configurable Dashboards

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Smart Targeting & Cap System

Multi Currency Payouts

Multi Currencies & Flexible Payouts

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Ad Revenue Attribution Tracking

Database Icons

Feature-rich API

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Real-Time Partner Comparison Reports

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Deferred Deep Linking

Multiple Touch Points

Easy 3rd Party Integration

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Built-in Fraud Prevention Tool


AI SmartLinks

CR optimisation

Conversion Rate Optimization

Customer Support

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Trackier is the #1 Rated Affiliate Tracking Software. Trusted by 1500+ Happy Customers

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Tap every user attribution in real-time with Trackier

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