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Track Everything, Everywhere, Always

Accurately attribute performance of partners across every platform and device, consolidate your reporting, and amplify your performance.
Trackier affiliate software

The most accurate partner tracking

Our ever-evolving software ensures that you never have to look elsewhere for your attribution and tracking needs

Multiple tracking options to suit your specific needs

The most widely used tracking functionality are APIs because they are super accurate and very reliable. However, you can also use a universal tracking tag, our JavaScript-based solution (which is fully ITP-compliant), or the traditional pixel and gateway tracking to track your conversions.

Cross-device tracking for a holistic view of your campaign performance

Track your customers for the different devices they use to interact with you so you can gain view of each touchpoint, from research to conversion.

Move ahead of traditional tracking

WIth the world moving away from third party data, it is getting harder for marketers to accurately track their campaigns. Join hands with Trackier to never worry again about a browser update. We are continuously innovating our tracking software with APIs that helps you break out of hte mould of browser-based tracking.

Simplify the user journey with our deeplinking solution

Move users from web to app without missing a beat, our deeplinking solution generates a path of least resistance for your users so they land to the right product or offer page in your app or website.

Your privacy is our priority

We are on top of all the required privacy regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and more. Our state-of-the-art hashing encryption also ensures that no personally identifiable information is ever passed along.

Trackier’s Partner Management Solutions

Web or app, we have a solution for everything. Here are the products we offer that will help you scale your marketing efforts exponentially
  • Mobile Marketing Platform
  • Performance Marketing Software
  • iGaming Platform
Attribute and Measure User Activity in Real Time with Trackier MMP. Some of the features we offer are:

Predictive Analytics

Deep Linking

Retention Report

iOS Attribution

Track, Measure, and Optimize Affiliate Campaign Performance with our Performance Marketing Software. Some of the features we offer are:

Marketing Analytics

Payouts & Commissions Automation

Customisable Reporting

Fraud Shields

Performance Tracking Solution Built for iGaming. Some of the features we offer are:

Multi-Channel Tracking

End-to-End Customer Tracking

Assisted Payment Processing

Smart Integrations

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Combine your mobile and web attribution in one Dashboard.

Tons of insightful data from mobile and web attribution. One dashboard to record it all. Time to upgrade your partner marketing strategies with Trackier.