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Trackier uses advanced technology and a customer-first approach to help marketers across the globe build great products, create exceptional experiences, and preserve customer privacy.

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The Key Principles on which Trackier stands

Started to address the urgent need to bridge the gap between marketers and customers, Trackier provides an accurate measure of your success while enabling you to create long-lasting relationships with your customers based on trust.

  • Nothing is more important than privacy

    “At Trackier, our first priority is toward data ethics and privacy. It is sewn into the fabric of our company’s DNA. From product development to client relations, nothing gets the green light until we know that we are not infringing upon anyone’s right to privacy. Earning and maintaining our customers’ trust is what keeps us in the business so we are committed to ensuring customer data use is ethical, secure, and privacy-compliant.”

    Faizan Ayubi, CEO

    Faizan Ayubi, CEO
  • Tell stories through Data

    “It is time for marketers to stop looking at Data as a barrier but rather another amazing initiative. Data helps teams get smarter, efficient, and more effective. We at Trackier understand that Data itself isn’t difficult, but finding ways to utilize it is. So, we have taken it upon ourselves to fuel our platform with AI-driven technologies so you can grow, automate daily practices, and help teams design more successful strategies.”

    Hemant Mann, CTO

    Hemant Mann, CTO
  • A customer-first approach

    “I have always aimed at better understanding the customer so I know that Trackier is the absolute right fit for them. Customers today expect you to be well-versed in what you are selling as well as understand how they function so I am always striving to learn more about the industries we cater to. Most importantly we only focus on what our customers are saying & not on what our competitors are doing thus developing an AdTech platform unlike any other available in the market.”

    Udit Verma, CMO

    Udit Verma, CMO
  • Together, we climb. We're not vendors, we're your growth partners in every step.

    "It's not about just selling SaaS to advertisers and agencies, we're here to become the catalysts to your affiliate marketing success. Right from the start, our north star for doing things at Trackier is to make lives easier for our target customers and we do this with our all-encompassing attribution tracking and affiliate management platform. But that’s not all - our core strength lies in our body of work that puts customers at the center of everything. That's why customers love Trackier - it's not just about features, it's about the experience."

    Mukul Kaushik, CRO

    Mukul Kaushik, CRO
    Here are just a few of Trackier’s current customers

    Still on the fence?

    Let our customers convince you!

    Valuable data & insights — always at hand
    Our Exness Affiliates team has been using the Trackier platform for more than 6 months now. During this time, the service has become an essential additional tool for our Affiliate program. Why? It’s innovative, cost-efficient, and most importantly: partners benefit from it by getting valuable data and insights. We appreciate Trackier team's support and ability to meet all of our requirements within a short time.

    Sergey Yarovoy
    Affiliate Team Leader

    Easy to set up, full accessibility, and to the point!
    Using the Trackier platform allows us to efficiently set up and deliver our campaigns at a very detailed level. We have a complete view of and access to all key data such as mobile devices, carriers, or offers. This information allows us to manage our platform, campaigns, and publishers in real-time.

    Abhinav Jain
    Co-Founder & COO

    Thank you Trackier!
    The support is simply amazing. They understand the client's perspective to the bottom, identify the issues & always come up with practical applicable solutions.

    Rohit Arora
    VP - Technology

    Affrise Media

    Responsiveness - that’s the most important thing!
    Trackier offers more robust features than any other platform. The moment we come up with a requirement, we get on a call and get it done ASAP. My team has a lot of freshers, and they all could easily learn the platform without any challenges.

    Arpit and Anuj

    Always evolving + Super supportive + Nothing less than its foreign counterpart
    In fact, looking at the proactiveness of support and innovations in the product very soon it would be better than the best in the industry. Himanshu Atwal has been our go-to person and a real problem solver in the team.

    Chitra Shah
    Business Head

    Growing with Trackier in our 3-year-long relationship
    We would like to appreciate the way you guys have helped us in scaling the business and solving our serious as well as silly queries. "Trackier" is the best of the bunch and has been the best decision for us to opt for their platform.

    Asmita Kapoor

    Oplifi Logo

    Nothing like we’ve ever seen in our affiliate marketing career
    We have been associated with Trackier since 2016. We’ve literally seen Trackier evolve into a very advanced platform with a lot of functionalities that are required for robust tracking. And the kind of support we get from Tracker is amazing. If we require any exclusive functionality, they build it for us in a day or two.

    Anup and Hina


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