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Non-organic install (NOI)

Non-organic Install (NOI)

A non-organic install (NOI) refers to an app download that happened as the result of marketing activity (e.g. a paid or owned media campaign).


What are NOIs?

Non-organic installs happen when a user chooses to download and install an app after seeing a marketing campaign.

This happens via user acquisition efforts on paid and owned media.

While paid refers to marketing that you pay for, owned refers to marketing over channels you own (and don’t have to pay for). The goal of both types of campaigns is to lead users to download your app after viewing and clicking on an ad.

The biggest difference between NOIs and organic installs is that with an organic install, the user wasn’t prompted by any advertising effort – they simply sought out a given app and installed it all on their own.

The users you get from marketing activity

Year after year, non-organic activity is on the rise while the share of organic installs is dropping.

With more than 3 million apps in the Apple App Store and over 3.5 million apps in Google Play, an app’s chances of being discovered resemble the odds of winning the lottery.

More and more marketers are increasing ad spending based on a solid foundation of data insights and analytics. As a result, non-organic traffic has increased in quality and has become a goal in its own right; it is no longer a means to drive organic traffic. With the use of accurate data, non-organic can deliver scale, control, and quality.

Still, organic installs provide the best quality users, help reduce the effective cost per install (eCPI), and increase profit. Ultimately, apps need both non-organic and organic traffic to achieve their objectives.


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