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Simplify Rewards, Strengthen Relationships

Handle all payment activities from EOM closing reports to bespoke rewards from a single platform.

Get insights about players and their purchase history to help make data-driven plans


End-of-Month Processing

Plan a reward scheme that works for both you and your affiliate and ensure transparency with our Payment Generation Reports that show activities like Activity per Brand, Customer Registrations per Brand, Number of Days with Activity, Reward Type Product Breakdown, Monthly Totals, etc.

Set Payment Statuses

Use the Payment Manager to switch between different payment statuses for complete transparency with your affiliates.

Bookkeeping & Invoices

Auto-generate invoices and statements using customisable templates and provide your affiliates with payment breakdowns. Affiliates can also download a PDF or .CSV file of their invoice.

Multi-Currency Functionalities

We can import multiple currencies based on the affiliate’s choice and give you the ability to manage conversion rates.

Bespoke Commissioning Models

Optimize your commission plans with granular and rule-based partner commissions and payout strategies

Streamlined Affiliate Payments

Our fully-integrated payment processing solution lets you apply commission structures to individual campaign tracking IDs and easily set, calculate and run your affiliates' invoices, all from one tab.

Regulate Tax

Automate the process of adding tax rate based on the affiliate’s country at each payout. You have the option to override and add tax manually as well.

Finance Data at your fingertips

Gather and view all the data you need in easily understandable reports. View data regarding new customer registrations, currency exchange rate, fee management, chargebacks, and customer action source platform.

Integrated Payment Systems

iGaming operators can pay affiliates via automated and manual payment methods.

Outrun Your Competition With Superior Analytics Features


Track Activities Performed

Track everything from the money being deposited to wins and a single player playing more than 1 game.


Sync to CRM

We can integrate into the CRM of your choice so you don’t have to go anywhere but Trackier’s iGaming Platform for all your iGaming data.

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