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Level up your gaming app and web marketing with Trackier

Whether you are a gaming app provider or host your game on the web, Trackier allows you to attract, retain, and engage high-value players. Use Trackier’s partner management suite to increase your ROI and get the best bang for your buck.

Acquire new users and increase your game install rate

Our uniquely designed solutions for the gaming industry let you drill down campaigns so you know what brings the highest value players. Get insights to learn how to keep your users engaged, and build a successful monetization strategy.
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  • Performance Marketing Platform
Identify your best users and channels with Trackier

Maximize your ROI by implementing the most efficient monetization strategy

Measure the impact of all in-game ads, purchases, and events to know the true ROI of your ad budget. Protect your budget from fraudsters while drawing data-backed conclusions to implement a monetization strategy that works for your game.

Increase the retention rate of your gaming app

Engagement is the name of the game to keep users coming back for more. Dive into your gaming analytics with Trackier MMP to understand player behavior so you can better optimize your engagement strategies.

Protect your marketing budget against fraud

Our fraud-protection solution protects against threats, before, during, and after install so your marketing budget never loses a single penny.

Comprehensive measurement solutions that help you understand how you can acquire high-value players

Track which channels and media sources drive the most conversions to streamline your user acquisition strategies.
Accurately track partners across the web and attribute performance across every device

Two-way APIs for real-time data streaming and campaign optimization

We allow you to sync your attribution and marketing analytics data with your chosen platforms so you can view all your data comprehensively in one place. With us, you can integrate with over 300 media sources, ad networks, and analytics partners.

Prevent fraud

Create stable partnerships by eliminating fraud with our advanced built-in fraud prevention tools.

Gain access to valuable, highly-engaged target audiences

Optimize your campaigns for cross-channel targeting and conversion tracking. Measure performance-based results for maximum ROI

Develop better customer experiences

Allow zero friction along your customers’ journey from the first click to purchase. You can take advantage of our deep linking solution so shoppers take the path of minimum resistance to their purchase.

Attribute events for gaming app's user journey using


“For us, Trackier has become the most complete and flexible platform among all that we have tried earlier."

- Vishal singh,
CEO - LFG Projects


LFG Projects In Increasing their ROI by 80% with Trackier


Tap every user attribution in real-time with Trackier