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Invest in partner management solution that pays off

Trackier enables finance businesses like banks, fintech apps, and online loan providers to reach their target audience at every stage of the customer journey. Drive more traffic, leads, and sales to your business while gaining complete control over your data.

Are you spending more on clients than you earn from them and finding it hard to reach your audience?

Trackier is the partner you need who can guarantee that new publishers meet and adhere to regulatory requirements.
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  • Performance Marketing Platform
Identify your best users and channels with Trackier
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Streamline customer journeys across platforms and devices

Mobile web or app, we ensure that you can track your customers wherever they are. Gain insight into what your customers want to keep them engaged with Trackier’s help.

Make it easy for your users to interact with your products and services

Make your users land where you want them to by using our deep linking solutions. With us, you can optimize campaigns across the web, email, social media, and SMS.
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Ensure data security and privacy

Compliance is foremost when it comes to working with Finance apps. We have developed our mobile marketing platform keeping in mind the strong safety and compliance requirements of finance apps so you can rest assured that your customers’ data is always safe.

Protection against fraud

Finance apps fall victim to fraudsters ever so frequently. It is paramount for them to keep safety first. Our safety-by-design anti-fraud tool will keep you safe from fraud before, during, and after install.
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Accurately track partners across the web and attribute performance across every device
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Gain access to valuable, highly-engaged target audiences

Optimize your campaigns for cross-channel targeting and conversion tracking. Measure performance-based results for maximum ROI

Protect yourself against fraud and monitor compliance

High standards in data and privacy practices, including SOC 1 and SOC 2 certification, EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Certification, and GDPR ePrivacy certification
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Finance Graphics_Two-way APIs for real-time data streaming and-campaign optimization

Two-way APIs for real-time data streaming and campaign optimization

We allow you to sync your attribution and marketing analytics data with your chosen platforms so you can view all your data comprehensively in one place. With us, you can integrate with over 300 media sources, ad networks, and analytics partners.

Comprehensive tools for commissioning

Fulfill the particular needs of finance marketers with our adaptable commissioning options. Compensate partners for bringing in new customers, cardholders, accounts/services, and new app downloads. Reward partners for offline sales activity.
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Attribute events for finance app's user journey using

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"An organization can grow when they have less to worry in their backend operations and have more time to work on their business function which maximizes the revenues"

- Surendra Tiwari,
Senior Manager of Growth


Refpay Media sees an increase of 70% in their QoQ revenue after associating with Trackier


Tap every user attribution in real-time with Trackier