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JioCoupons & Trackier Join Forces to Supercharge Coupon Marketing

JioCoupons & Trackier Join Forces to Supercharge Coupon Marketing

JioCoupons, a leading coupon marketing platform in India, was looking for a campaign management and attribution tracking solution with real-time reporting capabilities and seamless API integration with their proprietary platform. The Jio Platforms-owned brand wanted to empower the businesses using their coupon marketing platform by helping them understand their customer journey through multi touch attribution. 

To fortify their existing platform with Trackier’s cutting-edge attribution technology, JioCoupons partnered Trackier and achieved remarkable results in their affiliate marketing campaigns. With considerable increase in their clicks, and a significant portion of fraudulent traffic blocked. 

Here’s JioCoupons’ success story in numbers: 

  • 10% increase in clicks 
  • 20% improvement in conversion attribution 

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