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Drive value, not just leads with Trackier

Build and scale your most profitable partner channels with Trackier’s Partner Management Suite

Unleash the power of automation to manage your partners and drive more revenue with the right tools

With our automation services, you can focus better on scaling your SaaS product
  • Mobile Marketing Platform
  • Performance Marketing Platform
Identify your best users and channels with Trackier

Several affiliates but no sales? Trackier can help you understand what you need to do to convert

Block irrelevant traffic by finding affiliates that match your target audience and can bring you quality traffic. Identify hollow traffic from convertible leads.

Prevent fraud from occurring

Trackier blocks all kinds of fraud ranging from bots to cookie stuffing and disguising domains to redirecting traffic and stealing content from other pages. We will make sure that fraudsters are not able to steal away a single penny from your marketing budget.

Track your leads’ status as they move

Use tracking links to attribute each customer to the partner who referred them. No matter what your funnel looks like, you can use Trackier’s partnership management platform to track your customer journeys, see exactly where each partner adds value, and pay based on that outcome.

Implement custom integrations of your own

Our platform is uniquely customizable so you can always connect to any tools you might need. We also come pre-integrated to over 300 most demanded services for various workflows.
Accurately track partners across the web and attribute performance across every device

Analyze partner performance in real-time

Our analytical reports and dashboards break down all your data in a simple-to-follow manner. You can set custom parameters to analyze your partners’ performance and growth.

Control costs and make your marketing budget go further

Set the right payment structures for your affiliates. You have the flexibility to pay your affiliates per conversion or sale, so you’re not risking the marketing budget without getting a return.

Automate partner management

Trackier’s Performance Marketing Software will allow you to automate your management tasks.

Two-way APIs for real-time data streaming and campaign optimization

We allow you to sync your attribution and marketing analytics data with your chosen platforms so you can view all your data comprehensively in one place. With us, you can integrate with over 300 media sources, ad networks, and analytics partners.

"The support is simply amazing. They understand the clients perspective to the bottom, identify the issues & always come up with practical applicable solutions. Thanks Trackier Team."

- Rohit Arora,
VP - Technology


Xapads sees a 20% increase in their profit after onboarding Trackier


Tap every user attribution in real-time with Trackier