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Everything You Need to Know About Fallouts - Where, When, and Why?

Get a comprehensive understanding of users’ in-App activity to identify the touchpoints that lemmatize your marketing outcomes.

Switch to Smart Marketing With Actionable Insights


View Complete User Lifecycle

Use the daily reporting feature to check the number and length of sessions initiated on your App. Filter audiences as per campaigns and geographies to calculate the real impact of your marketing efforts.

Checkout Audience Usage Trends

Use activity graphs and custom events to trace the movement of users. Optimize your in-App engagement strategies to increase ROI.

Deeply Analyze App Traffic

Derive greater insights from partner performance by checking the quality of traffic brought by them, in terms of its conversion rate, LV value, and recall capacity.

Improve Your Advertising Game

Spot the touchpoints that draw maximum visitors and tailor your marketing campaigns to prompt their

Identify High-Performing Partners

Merely drawing traffic to your landing page/App is not enough if you’re aiming to generate record-breaking profits. Make sure you always draw the right audience

Engage the Audience

Retargeting your lost customers becomes easy when you can identify their painpoints and act on them.

Customize Your Reporting System

Schedule hourly, weekly or monthly reports for your campaigns. Separate fraud activity from actual visitors and easily calculate effective ROI.

View Your Progress in a Unified Dashboard

Use visual graphs to assess the effective gains derived from gross investments made across channels/campaigns.

Assess the Traffic for Authenticity

Use modern anti-fraud features to bar fake installs and impressions encountered through any channel. Enable specific anti-fraud properties for each campaign/partner to filter suspicious activity.

Outrun Your Competition With Superior Analytics Features


Multi Touch Attribution

Choose parameters for attribution based on the nature of your campaign.


CTV & OTT Attribution

Reach the young audience with targeted ads on smart TVs.


SKAdNetwork Analytics

Make the best of iOS developments - now and in the future.

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