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Reattribution Window

A reattribution window refers to a set period of time set during which a user re-installs an app.

How do reattribution windows work?

Reattribution happens when an install is generated by a user who had previously uninstalled a given app, having come back after viewing or clicking on a re-engagement campaign. But this conversion event cannot be counted as a new install if it happens inside a pre-defined period of time called a re-attribution window. 

The window begins when the user downloads the app and can be set to a given advertiser’s needs.

Re-installs within this time period do not generate new install postbacks (a mechanism that gives credit to an ad network when a user clicks or views an ad before downloading).

Instead, the following happens:

  • The install isn’t attributed
  • No install postback is sent to any media source
  • All following in-app events are counted as organic


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