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Follow a Customer First approach to measuring performance

Streamline processes, nurture customer relationships, improve support, and increase revenue.

Get insights about players and their purchase history to help make data-driven plans

CS Dashboard

Behavior Analytics

Shed light on the behavior and characteristics of a gamer in the online gaming universe and help make data-driven decisions.


Advanced Reporting

Our bird-eye view reporting helps you analyse data effectively. Dive into aggregated reports and even reports on revenue prediction.


Real-time Player Data

We deliver real-time insights about players and their preferences so you can analyse the gaming trends at any given time.

Mesure whats important

Mesure what’s important

Measure the KPIs that matter and take informed decisions. You can automate reports to show you data like Lost Revenue, Host performance, etc.


Define User Journeys

Other than tracking basic gamer journeys, you can also run the same journey on different country sites, or on different devices to check for performance consistency.

Personalised Offers

Ensure player loyalty and a better gaming experience by designing personalised offers which can only be made possible with the data we can provide.


What KPIs to measure

To accurately define gamer journeys, you should be able to monitor core activities like Registration / Account Creation, Making a bet, Adding funds / claiming winnings, etc. Trackier’s iGaming platform lets you track all these and more.


Expand Customer Lifecycle

Retain customers by enhancing relationships, adapting customer retention strategies, and driving sales growth.


Refine Audience Segmentation

Identify and predict early signs of players exposed to high churn rates so you can take proactive measures to boost player retention and lifetime value.

Outrun Your Competition With Superior Analytics Features


Track Activities Performed

Track everything from the money being deposited to wins and a single player playing more than 1 game.


Sync to CRM

We can integrate into the CRM of your choice so you don’t have to go anywhere but Trackier’s iGaming Platform for all your iGaming data.

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