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Unify your iGaming marketing strategy with our 360° reporting into revenue generation, affiliates, NDC, and more.

Achieve the maximum ROI on your marketing strategy by connecting the dots on all your monetary metrics


Control your affiliate network

Get real-time performance data so you can search, approve, merge, and delete affiliates at will. Analyse the marketing performance of your affiliates from engagement to conversion. The 360° birds-eye-view lets you pinpoint top-performing traffic channels, sources of revenue, rewards, and more.

Automate data-rich reports

Reports can be generated in the form of XML Feeds. These feeds are principally useful for Networks, Parent and Master Affiliates, and can be configured to show the data of affiliates in their network. Drill down into default reports like Dynamic Variables, Marketing, and Monthly Earnings, or set customizable filters to suit your analysis needs like brand, country, duration, etc.

Smart Payment Generation Reports

Generate and verify data based on multiple affiliate Payment Generation Reports like Activity per Brand, Customer Registrations per Brand, Number of Days with Activity, Reward Type Product Breakdown, Monthly Totals, and Total Adjustments.

Build Marketing Campaigns that Convert

Get an overview of campaign performance reports to optimise future marketing efforts. Drill down into creative performance, revenue generation, unique users, retention, NDC, FTD, NGR, GGR, etc.

Analyse your Earnings

Analyse and break down reward plans. Drill down into reward statistics over different time periods.

Easily accessible Payment Reports

Readily available payment reports allow reviewing of pending payments or historical records with details of any applied chargebacks.

Multiple Reporting Options

Operators have the ability to offer XML feed reports to affiliates.

Facilitate Communication

Send messages to affiliates all at once or communicate with selected affiliates. Send notifications, create and store templated messages, etc.

Bespoke Rewarding Options

Our Reward plan includes options for payment dues, cash liability, invoice issuing, and payment service provider selection. You can configure your reward plans by Rev Share, Cost Per Acquisition, Cost Per Lead, Cost Per Mille, Fixed Sum, or Hybrid. Tailor your plans based on registrations, deposits, wagering, turnover, player points, customer types, and more.

Outrun Your Competition With Superior Analytics Features


Complete vision of campaign performance

Our customisable reports let you analyse data points like multiple products of a brand, how many users are playing, revenue gen for games, retention, unique users, NDC, FTD, NGR, GGR, etc.


Dynamic variable

Add parameters to tracking links for in-depth analysis on campaigns, keywords, and individual clicks.


Analyse earnings

Pull detailed reports such as: Monthly Earnings, Earnings Breakdown, CPA Audit Report, and Sub-Affiliates Report.

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