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While You Focus on Drilled Down Data, Let Us Handle the Analytics!

Trackier’s robust partner management system helps to track every touchpoint of your campaign, so that you can optimize your marketing efforts to match the needs of the audience.

When Real-time Insights Drive Your Campaigns, You’re Sure Achieve Marketing Success


Recent Analytics Delivered in the Inbox

Perform hourly, weekly or monthly performance reviews for each campaign or partner. Take an in-depth look into the quality of traffic drawn to your landing page.

Oversee Partner Performance

Get a detailed overview of partner performance in all active or disabled campaigns. Choose the best affiliates for your campaign using the partner gradation feature.

Tweak Investments for Better Returns

Compare the gross expenditure and gains to identify the channels, partners or geographies that give the best response to your approach.

Work Up One Step at a Time

Define specific KPIs for each campaign and alter them whenever necessary to suit your business needs.

Design Profiting Campaigns

Analyze the historical data, to design user-centric campaigns. Use accessibility features to target specific niches, time zones and channels.

Give a Timely Heads Up to Partners

Set threshold limits for partner performance. Alert them with custom notifications or emails if their conversion rate slips down.

Strengthen Your Collaboration

Add graphic assets to your database and share them with your affiliates for higher brand visibility. Tag them in each campaign to let your brand voice speak out!

All of Your Data on One Page

Use third-party integrations of 300+ media sources, ad networks and analytics tools to get a comprehensive view of your marketing investments.

Fraud-Proof Your Data

AI-based anti-fraud tool that segregates suspicious visitors/conversions from the authentic users. Blacklist fraudulent IPs and partners to further protect your campaigns from inaccuracy.

Outrun Your Competition With Superior Analytics Features


AI-Based SmartLinks

Personalize customer experiences with targeted advertising.

Coupon Tracking

Coupon Code Support

One platform to generate, manage and track promotional offers.


Pixel and Postback Management

Be informed about user engagement behavior for better optimisation.

Let Us Help You Get Started

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We’re with you in each step!

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