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SKAN: Everything you need to know about SKAdNetworks

Apple has been gradually moving the entire industry in the direction of mobile advertising that is privacy-focused. Limit Ad Tracking, which was first introduced in iOS 10, will, however, come pre-installed on iOS 14.5 devices.

The App Tracking Transparency framework, which mandates that developers obtain users’ consent before tracking their data after informing users of how it will be used, will go into effect in 2021, according to an announcement made by Apple.

The last piece of Apple’s privacy puzzle is SKAdNetwork, but let’s learn more and know what is it and how is it different from what advertisers are accustomed to.

What you’ll learn about SKAN in this ebook

  • How Does SKAN Work?
  • Why is SKAN important for publishers?
  • What Will it Mean for Advertisers?
  • How to Prepare for SKAN?
  • Figure Out How You Want to Get Your Mobile Attribution Data.
  • Decide if You Will Guide Users Towards App Tracking Transparency.
  • Limitations of SKAN
  • Are There Alternatives to SKAN?

Download our guide and learn more about SKAN and its implications in the mobile marketing industry. Trackier offers industry-leading attribution services in the field of Mobile Marketing. Feel free to contact us and learn more about Mobile Marketing. 

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