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Coupon Affiliate Marketing Programs – How Do They Help Brands And Advertisers?

Written by Nandini Pathak

Coupon affiliate marketing programs are blockbusting right now! This is because using coupons is a powerful affiliate marketing strategy for brands to attract new customers and to ensure the retention of current ones. It makes promoting products and services so […]


Cookieless Tracking: Is This What The Future Looks Like?

Written by Nandini Pathak

Cookieless tracking is the future and we are all for it! The elimination of third-party cookies has impacted performance marketing quite a bit, especially affiliate marketing. As marketers we are well versed with the cookie saga, however with privacy concerns […]

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Cracking the Z Code: How to Win Over Zoomers With Affiliate Marketing for Gen Z

Written by Reshu Manglik

Do you know? Gen Z accounts for 32% of the population in the world – that makes up around 2.5 billion! Why are we telling you this? The answer is – this is not just a number. This is 2.5 […]

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IGB 2021: Major iGaming Event Takeaways

Written by Barkha Gaur

Trackier has maintained its reputation as an Ad-tech, SAAS Company that doesn’t miss out on any opportunity when it comes to attending the international and national events related to our industry. Recently, our Chief Sales Manager and Sales Head could […]

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