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IGB 2021: Major iGaming Event Takeaways

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Trackier has maintained its reputation as an Ad-tech, SAAS Company that doesn’t miss out on any opportunity when it comes to attending the international and national events related to our industry. Recently, our Chief Sales Manager and Sales Head could be spotted, enthusiastically participating at the IGB Live Event, 2021 at the ‘Venice of the North,’ Amsterdam!

This iGaming event was filled with great speakers from across the globe, mind-blowing events, and a lively main floor that seemed more like a high-end club than a conference at times.

The IGB event was a massive success and was attended by a record-breaking number of attendees and gaming enthusiasts representing their respective companies. Last week’s IGB Live, from September 28 to October 1, in Amsterdam demonstrated once again that there is nothing quite like the iGaming business for individuals who want to feel like they’re part of a second family or a similar-minded community.

IGB Gaming event 2021 was an enlightening experience where the Trackier team learnt a lot. Below are listed our major takeaways from the event:

1. The best deals are sealed away in person during these Live events

IGB Live Amsterdam demonstrated that we are finally back to business as usual. The overwhelming sense of mental relaxation we all felt was a natural high, and judging by the prevailing attitude, more transactions and new partnerships were made in those three days than in the whole COVID-19 year.

Nothing compares to experiencing something in real-time. We have continuously emphasized and it’s become a constant saying for us that it was wonderful to witness the pure delight on people’s faces at IGB Live Amsterdam, where everyone was engaged in passionate conversation and meaningful connections.

2. The iGaming industry has shown tremendous growth

The iGaming industry has grown massively over the years and has opened up several new opportunities and avenues. Through the IGB Live event in Amsterdam, we could see this in reality. We realized through the event that in the constellation of industries, iGaming is no longer an untapped industry anymore.

3. Women are breaking the glass ceiling in the iGaming Industry too!

With tremendous growth, iGaming has not restricted itself to just the male population. We were elated to behold women playing big, succeeding as innovators and as chief executives in the iGaming industry. And as a result of this new maturity, the terrain has become more equitable. While there is still work to be done in terms of gender equality, the number of female C-level executives present at the conference was astounding.

4. iGaming Industry is highly inclusive

The IGB 2021 clearly demonstrated that gone are the days when only a few privileged players could dominate the iGaming world! Today, the iGaming industry is one of the most inclusive, welcoming and attractive options for not just the legacy brands but also the brand new start-ups.

The event proved that the iGaming industry is booming even in the post covid era. And, in fact, the iGaming industry, instead of suffering saturation, has grown exponentially with an upward trend even during the global pandemic.

5. IGB iGaming event helped us Explore our Creative Side

Events like these help you to not just become more aware and knowledgeable about what’s currently happening in the iGaming world but also helps you discover your inner potential and creativity. The vibe of the event was surcharged with creativity, innovation, exploration and collaborative efforts.

6. iGaming helps the economy thrive

Without the slightest doubt, iGaming majorly contributes to global economic growth and development. Several economic opportunities are generated around massive conferences like the IGB Live Amsterdam. After our Amsterdam visit, we could understand how Gaming has helped other businesses- small and large to thrive in the region. Amsterdam was buzzing, and there was barely an empty restaurant, coffee shop or bar to be seen; there were fully-booked hotels and cabs.

7. There are abundant Job Opportunities in the iGaming Industry

Through the IGB event, we realized that new positions pop up at all levels, and the sector remains highly welcoming to newbies and beginners looking to advance in their careers. On-the-job training is valued, and specialisation is also provided in this industry.

The Boston Link poll this year revealed a significant increase in numbers, and chatting with some of the recruiters on hand at IGB Live Amsterdam, it is apparent that there is always room for good individuals who are enthusiastic about the industry.

8. Systematic Governance in the iGaming Industry

The good news is that the iGaming Industry is in good, responsible hands with plenty of guidelines to safeguard and protect the interests and privacy of both the users and the iGaming businesses. The agenda at IBG Live Amsterdam highlighted just how important regulation and ethical gaming is to all participants, from operators to affiliates to other service providers. It is good to see that people are finally viewing the regulatory restrictions as tools of systematic governance in the iGaming industry, rather than tools of threat to their autonomy.

Final Realizations

All in all, this IGB event helped our team to grow professionally and individually. These are just a few of the many takeaways because we are pretty sure that there were a zillion more exciting and life-changing lessons and experiences that the Trackier team learnt during the course of the event. As usual, we aim to continue our legacy of engaging, interacting and growing ourselves through valuable iGaming opportunities such as the IGB event in Amsterdam.

We will be back with more such reflections, till then, we would encourage you to explore and delve deep into the iGaming Industry by attending life-changing events such as the IGB iGaming events. Keep learning, keep growing and keep rocking!!

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