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Cookieless Tracking: Is This What The Future Looks Like?

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Cookieless tracking is the future and we are all for it!

The elimination of third-party cookies has impacted performance marketing quite a bit, especially affiliate marketing.

Cookieless Future

As marketers we are well versed with the cookie saga, however with privacy concerns increasing by the day, the future of cookie based tracking is almost non-existent.

With Google’s new tracking protection feature, rolled out on 4th of January, 2024, it is officially a death sentence for third party cookies. This is why cookieless tracking solutions are becoming increasingly popular.

As we enter into a cookieless world, understanding first-party-cookie-tracking and its benefits becomes crucial for businesses. In this blog we will take a look at the impact and benefits of cookieless tracking and how Trackier’s cookieless tracking solution can help you take your business to the next level.

What First Party Cookies Bring To The Table

First party cookies offer much better and effective insights than third-party cookies.

Making sure that the user data you have gathered is accurate is of utmost importance and doing so with third-party cookies is next to impossible. First party cookies offer a number of pros as opposed to third-party cookie based tracking

Third party cookies collect personal data related to users’ online activity which users often found to be annoying and intrusive. 

It can also prove to be dangerous in some cases since cybercriminals may use cookies to mimic any user and steal sensitive information such as passwords or financial details, etc.

Users, though they enjoy personalized experiences, do not want to be tracked by websites anymore. This is because third party cookies track users with little to no concern for their privacy.

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and many other browsers have blocked third party cookies due to various laws such as CCPA and GDPR.

With first party cookies, data is gathered through forms, surveys, etc, users grant their consent for the information they are providing. This also ensures that the data collected is not only up to date but is also accurate.

When marketers have access to accurate user data they can tailor and personalize ads and experiences for their audiences which in turn also makes the user experience much more targeted.

Benefits Of Cookieless Tracking

Looking for a one stop, cookieless solution to all your performance marketing needs?

Well, your prayers have been answered!

With Trackier’s Performance Marketing Software we got your back!

What is The Future of Cookieless Targeting?

For decades, third party cookies have allowed marketers to track user data and information across multiple platforms. Cookies offer an insight into user activities, interests, and much more.

At Trackier, we welcome you to a cookieless tracking solution.

Our Marketing Analytics tool is an excellent alternative to the traditional Google Analytics platform.

It helps ensure that your affiliate marketing campaigns remain relevant as well as compliant. First party cookie tracking also makes use of first-party analytics instead of third-party ones, this ensures that the insights that you receive are accurate and reliable.

Maintaining privacy as well as integrity of data is paramount. Cookieless solutions help marketers in delivering personalized experiences while ensuring that the user data is secure and user privacy is sustained.

In today’s world, contextual targeting is really crucial. This is why Trackier goes the extra mile to ensure that you are able to tailor your affiliate marketing campaigns in a way that delivers messages that are relevant to your users’ interests, driving success for your campaigns.

Move Past Outdated Cookie Based Tracking Strategies With Trackier

Trackier’s performance marketing solution offers a plethora of benefits over Google Analytics such as:

  • Smart Links-

With Trackier’s smart links, increase your profits significantly. Revolutionize the performance of your affiliate marketing campaigns with automated A/B testing by saving time and money with smart links.

  • Coupon Code Tracking-

Manage and track your affiliate campaigns efficiently. Make sure your affiliates are compensated timely and fairly for their efforts. With Trackier’s easily traceable and unique coupon codes track affiliate performance accurately avoiding any possibility of fraud or duplicacy.

  • Pixel and Postback Management-

Understand which affiliates are bringing in more ROI with accurate conversion data provided by Trackier’s pixel and postback management solution. Boost your affiliate marketing campaigns with our cross-device tracking feature.


Google Analytics data can sometimes turn out to be inaccurate and unreliable for multichannel tracking, especially when it comes to affiliate marketing. This is why businesses are turning to dedicated performance marketing software to leverage cookieless solutions, performance management, and added utility.

Trackier offers web analytics solutions that are specifically tailored to offer protection against fraud and compliance.

With our privacy protection practices such as the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Certification, GDPR ePrivacy certification, and SOC 1 and SOC 2 certification, you can track all of your visitors without worrying about data leaks.

Optimize Your Affiliate Marketing Campaigns Now!

The future bids goodbye to third party cookies and welcomes first party solutions.

First party cookies offer better and reliable insights along with accurate user data, without invading your valuable user’s privacy and consent.

Moving along with the traditional cookie based tracking method is not an option anymore, with growing privacy concerns, third party cookies are extremely unreliable. This is why first party cookie solutions are indispensable for businesses to remain relevant in today’s market.

With Trackier’s Performance Marketing Platform and its advanced features you can rest assured that we maintain the highest level of data integrity, privacy, and compliance. Take your business to new heights with Trackier’s tracking solutions.

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