Marketing Automation: Making Marketing Easy Using Technology

Written by Nikhil

By automating the process of developing those leads into sales-ready leads, marketing automation helps in the identification of potential clients. It automates processes that move potential customers closer to the point where the sales team may approach them directly with […]


Brand to Brand Partnerships: Everything You Need To Know About B2B Partnership Programs

Written by Bharath

The importance of a Brand to Brand partnerships has been realized by many brand owners in recent times. But this also begs the question “how to find the right partner for your business?“ Partnership marketing strategies and attribution have helped […]

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Drive Performance & Boost Sales With Influencer Marketing

Written by Nikhil

Influencer Marketing has encountered unprecedented growth in recent years. The procedure that was once viewed by some as a craze has surprised digital advertising. If word of mouth is considered one of the best marketing strategies that exist, recreating it […]

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