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Ad Fraud in Mobile Marketing: How can Brands Detect and Prevent Ad Fraud

Ad fraud has been a primary concern for Marketers and App owners in the tech industry. Billions of dollars have been lost in advertising efforts to fraudsters who aim to steal the hard-earned money of several Brands. 

All hopes are not lost yet, as there are ways marketers can detect Ad Fraud and prevent themselves from being victims of such horror. 

In this E-Book, we will discuss everything about Ad Fraud and How Trackier’s Anti-Fraud Tool helps App Owners in Fraud detection and Prevention.

What’s Included?

  • How Ad Fraud is committed?
  • Different types of Ad Fraud
  • How Trackier helps App Owners from Mobile Ad Fraud
  • Real-Time Ad Fraud Prevention and Detection

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Besides, you can also reach us with your questions or queries. We would be happy to help!!

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