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8 Easy Ways To Increase Mobile App Downloads

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You have created your own app, which is fully functional and simple to use. You think there is a market for it. Although your first significant obstacle has been overcome, success won’t arrive right away. The battle will be won by obtaining loyal clients through app downloads and app promotion after the initial battle of creating an app.

You need to think outside the box to attract users to your app if you want it to be successful. To be found, you’ll need to switch things up and think creatively.

increase mobile app downloads
1. Increase App Downloads by Prioritizing ASO – Keywords 

There are over five million apps on the app stores right now. And numerous further million app quests. 

Optimizing your app for what people are searching for is one of the stylish ways to ameliorate your online presence. 

App store optimization (ASO for short) is one of the stylish ways to put your app in front of app users. Yet, it’s still one of the hardest tasks for app inventors and marketers.

The base of ASO is related to the main keyword or keywords of the app. It requires chancing out what users are searching for and also targeting those specific keywords in your app runner content to both increase its visibility and encourage users to download it. 

  2. Increase App Downloads by Prioritizing ASO – Creatives 

The average stoner takes 3- 6 seconds to decide whether they want to download your app. That’s really not long to snare them. That’s why you ’ve got to make the biggest impact as snappily as possible, and creatives offer you the stylish vice to do that. ASO is as important about conversion optimization – encouraging app runner callers to download your app once they ’ve reached it – as it’s about visibility and discoverability, as concentrated on over. 

Strong creatives frequently offer you the most bang for your buck because they catch users ’ attention in those pivotal 3- 6 seconds before they may decide to abandon your app runner altogether. They ’re a great conclusive tool in the conversion optimization channel. 

 3. Downloads enhancement Through App Localization 

Not everyone speaks English, and the app store knows that. Creating localized performances of your app will boost your mobile app installs significantly. 

According to exploration, localizing your app runner’s content can lead to a 767 increase in app downloads. Delivering content and creatives in the language of your target followership, and tweaking eMailes grounded on original actions and trends will prove itself as effective. 

 4. App Installs through Mobile Marketing Campaign Strategy  

You can’t calculate solely on your app optimization in order to achieve success in adding installs. Especially when, in certain niches, the position can be told by burst juggernauts, for illustration. 

Pushing your entire marketing budget into advertisements without having a applicable strategy isn’t good. That’s why you need to concentrate on strategizing with the total channel taken into account. 

 A good mobile marketing strategy can help you hit your crucial performance indicators( KPIs) in the most cost-effective ways, generating the loftiest return on investment( ROI) for your business. 

 Incorporate an app contender analysis into your mobile marketing crusade strategy to insure the most transformations and general success grounded off your challengers successes and downfalls. 

 5. Launch A Website( or Blog) 

 We ’re talking about apps then, but that does n’t mean you do n’t also need a website to help your brand. Your app’s reach can go a lot further if you have a affiliated website, especially considering how numerous people will first search for your brand, or the query your brand can be the answer to, online rather than on the app stores. It’s not worth ignoring all of the implicit users you could induce from the hunt machine visibility. 

 Just like you should prioritize ASO for your app, you should also prioritize hunt machine optimization( SEO) when launching and maintaining your website. The SEO exposure should revolve around the content on your app store runner and further. Any redundant information about your brand and app specifically wo n’t go amiss. The keywords you should be targeting should relate to the most searched motifs and queries applicable to your app’s service. 

 6. Social Media 

Social Media is one of the most important business sources to concentrate on. Your target demographic likely spends hours on apps and websites like Instagram, Twitter and/ or Facebook. Being present on social channels is one of the stylish ways to increase app installs and keep in constant contact with your users. 

The stylish social media channels for your brand depend on your target user base. You can find out further about which platform is stylish then. 

Make sure to partake in creative, applicable content and engage with your users. Work on pushing your content through shares and presenting your app’s key features in the content you’re pushing.

7. Social Media Advertisements 

Handling social media advertisements as part of a burst crusade, remarketing crusade or brand mindfulness crusade can lead to a huge swell in app downloads. Burst juggernauts are specifically aimed at generating a ton of new app downloads as it’s a process of aggressive media buying over a short time period( generally 24 – 48 hours) to expose the app to the largest followership possible, which will also also boost its app store ranking and hopefully organic downloads too. 

 8. eMail Marketing 

 The eMail has been around for over 40 times and it’s then to stay. While some people tend to disregard emails in the app marketing assistant, we can safely say that emails do increase mobile app installs. 

  1. eMail marketing juggernauts for apps do two effects particularly well 
  2.  Increase subscribers before launching an app for a boost in installs 
  3.  Inform and remind people about new updates and offers inside your app still, make sure to produce a wharf runner and start erecting your eMail address database, If you have yet to launch your app. Give them words, produce hype and offer them commodities they can get agitated about. 

People will reluctantly give out their eMail addresses if you can hype the benefits of your app and promise them value. 


The above shared tips will make your app go viral and over million dollars can happen in a quick time, if all the tips are planned and implemented wisely. Besides, if you have any questions or queries, feel free to contact us we would be happy to help.

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