Setup White-label publisher Network  for the affiliate network as a better way to start your own ad network with your publishers and advertisers with vNative you can set up your network in no time but first, you need to get an account we provide free 30-day usage to our clients.

Changing the DNS Records

You need to add a CNAME record in your domain DNS settings to show vNative network to your own domain

add a CNAME record with name ‘app’ and value ‘’ (this is your default Network URL) after this, your Whitelabel Publisher Network will be ready.

Enabling White-Lable from setting

To white-label the domain, you need to enable the White-Label option from the customise menu. Follow the steps below

Step 1: Click on customise,

Step 2: Click on the Application button

Step 3: Enable the White-Lable option.

Modify Settings

Click on Customize from top Menu Bar,  go to >> Domain; change the network Link option to ‘‘ and click on Save, now you are good for your Whitelabel Publisher Network.

If you still face any problem feel free to contact us through email ( or chat anytime.

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