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White-label DSP

White-label DSP 

It is a demand-side platform (DSP) advertisers and marketers purchase and customize for ad placements. White-label DSPs can be integrated with as many ad exchanges and supply-side platforms (SSP) as necessary, which gives advertisers access to comprehensive and diverse audience segments.


What is a white-label DSP?

Advertisers opting for white-label DSPs want more control over their ad traffic and don’t want to rely on third parties to control their advertising.

Along with supply-side platforms, DSPs enable programmatic advertising and allow advertisers to manage their advertising across numerous ad networks (instead of just one.) White-label DSPs are where it’s at for advertisers and marketers because they can buy their traffic worldwide, filter and customize their audience segments, all without limitations.

A white-label DSP is an answer if you’re a large ad agency or a corporation with high-volume advertising needs. When investing in a white label, you can create your own programmatic platform and a steady revenue stream without relying on third-party DSPs to carry out your programmatic advertising campaigns. 

So, while the initial investment is more significant, the long-term yields and money-saving potential are greater than with a self-serve or full-serve DSP.


What are the benefits of a white-label DSP?

Full transparency, ultimate control, and total streamlining of media buying are generally why advertisers and marketers opt for a white label.

But those aren’t the only noteworthy advantages white-label DSPs can offer:

Going white-label gives you better control over ad traffic. Without a white label, you’re reliant on multiple DSPs, which can potentially have you bidding on the same impression through separate platforms and competing with your own bids — which is just silly and defies logic. White labels grant you the ability to create multiple ad accounts, eliminating the need for multiple DSPs.

They help you spend less money overall. Instead of paying a monthly fee for a DSP that comes as a SaaS, you customize a white-label DSP for your specific needs, which means you’ll stop overpaying for impressions. While the initial price tag seems higher than other DSPs, the long-term savings and potential for savings are far greater.


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