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How To Build Your Own Game Application

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Ever Dreamt of creating a Gaming Application? All you need is the zeal, desire, Game Plan, and know-how on the technology. Let’s look into the steps of creating a gaming Application.


Ways To Develop A Mobile Game Application

Ingredients Of A Perfect Mobile App

Preparation on how to develop a game application:

Preparation On How To Develop Your Own Game

  • Assess Your Skills 

The first and most important pointer you need to know is, what are your strengths and weaknesses, based on which you will be able to design a road map on how to build a gaming Application. For example, You may be great at coding but designing is not your cup of tea. In this case, you can go for a minimalistic design approach, On the other hand, if you are great at graphic designing and not good at coding. It’s better to find a game engine that takes care of maximum coding so you can focus on design.

  • Research Work

The success of any project is based on its foundation and that is formed by doing good Research Work. Before you start developing a gaming app. You should study the gaming world, which gaming Apps are doing well? What platform do they use? What is their Target Audience, demographic-wise, Age, Gender, etc?

The revenue earned by India’s online gaming industry exceeded 100 billion Indian rupees in the year 2021. This was estimated to go up to over 153 billion rupees by 2024. Transaction-based games such as rummy and fantasy sports were the key contributors to the revenue raised that year.   

  • Ideation

Before beginning with any implementation, brainstorm on the consumed energy from your research work with your Team. Try and understand the aspect of how and why’s of the gaming world. Reach out to your mentors or experts in the industry with queries. Stick to a low-risk, high-probability approach. Think of a theme for your game based on which you can create a story, characters, etc.

  • Monitization

The major aim of creating any product is first it should be liked by the target audience and secondly it should be able to make money for it to sustain. Even to create a product funds are required. A few things to keep in mind are Ad Revenue (Free download with Ingame ads), In-App Purchase (Paid In App Features and content), Premium Purchase (Play with limited functionality), and One time Purchase ( Pay a one-time fee to download the App).

  • Design Documentation

After thorough research work it’s important to design a document, and pen down the information consumed in such a manner that it results in proper implementation. Design documentation is anything from goals, Rewards, game mechanics, and the entire nitty-gritty of the product that you are willing to launch.

  • Platform to Publish

The mobile gaming industry runs on two major platforms Android & iOS. Both platforms have their advantages and disadvantages. You can launch the app on one or both platforms all it requires is some extra costs

  • Marketing & Promotions

When we create a product, we want to market it as well. But how will we measure, track and analyse our audiences? For the same Rely on third party tools for example a tool like Trackier that helps capture the journey of your customers across channels and devices, which can help you make the right business call. Beat the iOS challenges to make a niche in the Applescape. Check the impact of your paid, owned, online, and CTV advertising campaigns in real time. Book Your Free Trial Today 

  • Technology

The secret recipe for success also lies in the technology you plan to build your app on. iOS and Android have their languages. Many apps are created using game engines as well, the major advantage of which is that it allows integrations of game assets and code.


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