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Get Ready for iOS 14 and SKAdNetwork

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We appreciate Apple’s decision for iOS 14 to make it more secure and add more user privacy. With the new upcoming iOS 14 updates, here are the things that one should know about the update.

The New App Inatsll validation will directly include the below group of people:
1. The ad network
2. The source app
3. The advertised app.
Ad networks must register with Apple before using the SKAdNetwork API.

What will be different with iOS14?

No IDFA will be received or passed from the end-user, data privacy will be privileged, that way all the analysis will be switched to the Fingerprinting process.

Fingerprinting is the process in which the algorithm will analyze the conversion based on IP
, User-agent and other possible unique value.

How to Get Ready For The Process?

To register One ad network, go to Ad Network ID Request Form, which prompts you to sign in to Apple Developer and opens the request form.

Steps that would be included in making this process smooth are:

  • Create Apple ID for a Developer Account (If already done, you can skip this).
  • Enroll in Apple Developer Program (It will be Paid Developer Account)
  • Choose the Company/Organization while registering.
  •  Fill all the details then you will get a verification call from Apple (Generally on the same day)
  • After that you will have to pay a fee of $99 to Apple (Yearly Fee), then your paid account will be approved within 1-2 days
  • Register for SkAdnetwork Here.
  • Wait for the ad network id
  • Generate Public and Private Key with below command in your Terminal and share same with Apple.

openssl ecparam -name prime256v1 -genkey -noout -out NETWORK-NAME_skadnetwork_private_key.pem

openssl ec -in moburst_skadnetwork_private_key.pem -pubout -out NETWORK-NAME_skadnetwork_public_key.pem

The postback URL to be shared with apple will be 
It will not contain click id, 
Postback URL would be:

You can find Security token from Profile > Global postback In Trackier.

New Conversion Flow of Skadnetwork?

With the ongoing update and upgrade there are 2 possible way for this:

1. App store will send postback to Adnetwork via Skadnetwork framework.

2. Trackier will analyse the postback and forward to the relevant MMP partner Appsflyer, Singular.

3. MMP will fire postback to Trackier and attribution will be recorded.

You need to ask your affiliate to do the necessary update on their end as well, as there will be no click id in the postback, just camp id, and publisher id.

keep checking this blog for further updates from Apple

After you are done setting up for SKAdnetwork, you can checkout our article to help you setup Trackier & Appsflyer for IOS 14 postback.

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