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What You Should Be Looking For In Mobile Measurement Partner?

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Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) is a term utilized for software solutions that are meticulously designed to work with and optimize mobile marketing campaigns and communicate accordingly. 

MMPs are primarily mobile-centric software, that excels in core abilities like real-time communication and conversion analysis, dynamic content creation, client division, and utilization based on the investigation done across handheld gadgets. They also justify and support the mobile-specific strategies and technologies such as GPS and in-application messages and pop-up messages or alerts through notification to enhance the client’s customer experience that drives brand commitment or numerous engagement.

Features To Look Out For In MMP

Are All Mobile Measurement Partner The Same?

No, by no stretch of the imagination! There is a huge difference between suppliers who have been lumped together as Mobile Measurement Partner.

 Specifically, there is a lot of variety as far as the number of commitment channels offered by every supplier. Some will just offer an absolute minimum (ordinarily application pop-up messages and in-application messages) while others have a broad reach that incorporates web channels like program push and on-site pop-ups as well as additional conventional channels like email and SMS.

Furthermore, while two sellers could offer similar channels, that doesn’t imply that they can ensure similar degrees of administration and deliverability! Also, that is before we get into the low down of significant elements like division or automation. 

It’s a mistaking scene for purchasers. That is the reason we’ve distinguished the fundamental parts and elements that you ought to be searching for as a component of your search. This will assist you with reducing your decisions before giving an RFP (Request For Proposal) or getting to the Proof of Concept stage. 

The Essential Mobile Measurement Partner Use Cases

MMP Use Cases

MMPs ought to be fit for conveying brings about three unmistakable mission classifications; Acquisition, Engagement, And Retention.

MMPs differ as far as their capacity to assist you with accomplishing every one of these objectives. To find an ideal choice for your image, it tends to be valuable to move toward merchants in light of specific use cases.


What might the seller do for you to change over intrigued possibilities who have drawn in with your image somehow or another but are yet to make a buy? This classification can likewise incorporate missions intended to effectively install new clients or application clients. Authentic continuous informing capacities are essential here.


These are crusades equipped towards expanding wallet-share from existing clients, empowering rehash deals, and upselling extra items. It’s pivotal that the seller has progressed division abilities, permitting you to focus on your data set at a granular level.


These utilization cases cover deserted truck recuperation missions and all endeavors to reconnect slipped by clients. The division is again significant, yet you likewise ought to explore the merchant’s examination.

Team Trackier feels proud to share that our Mobile Measurement Partner is now helping businesses by providing everything and more, a mobile application owner looks out for.

See How LFG Projects accomplish their envisaged number using Trackier’s MMP.

Key features of Leading Mobile Measurement Partner

1. Wide Range Of Channels

Normally, you will need a merchant who can give a boost to every one of the channels you are right now utilizing as well as a few new ones to help your scope. You can analyze the future of your client’s commitment needs by picking the right merchant. A few sellers will likewise give SMS and email, and that implies you might run all of your engagement channels under a single dashboard.

Why Is It Important? The more channels that a merchant gives the fewer point solutions you want to utilize. The knock-on effect here includes the end of information storehouses, viable cross-channel crusades, fundamentally diminished costs, and less time spent making a similar mindset for every individual channel.

2. Modular Mobile Measurement Partner

A Modular Mobile Measurement Partner permits you to use as numerous or as not many of its channels as you need.

Why Is It important? A few merchants will attempt to demand that you take the entirety of their accessible channels or none by any means. This doesn’t check out for brands who are integrated with existing agreements for point arrangements or are sure that a specific channel isn’t ideal for their system. Also, according to a commonsense perspective, attempting to stand up 6 or 7 channels at the same time will be an extensive, muddled process. Preferably, you need to find a seller that will permit you to address your essential requirements rapidly and afterward continue toward different channels as necessary.

3. Ongoing Commitment

Ongoing commitment keeps on filling in significance for brands across each industry. We’re discussing a message being conveyed when a labeled occasion (or client movement) has happened. This could be anything from a page visit, to abide time or a deficient activity (truck deserted at the look at or a bombed endeavor to sign in).

Why Is It Important? There are a few messages that you believe your client should get right away. The worth here is that you can resolve their issue, or profit by dealing with a potential open door, as it happens. The significant inquiries to pose to a seller are the number of conceivable occasion hits they can uphold (typically each month) and what the expense is (counting the overage charges).

4. Multichannel Journey Builder

Some degree of automation is fundamental. Preferably, the seller ought to offer a strong device that enables you to rapidly make client venture guides and work processes.

Why Is It Important? Wise mission automation is the objective of every undertaking B2C brand. It’s the most proficient method for driving outcomes at speed and scale. With a refined excursion developer behind you, it’s workable for a little group of a couple of individuals to accomplish their mission. Sadly, only one out of every odd Mobile Measurement Partner can uphold things like cross-channel crusades so this is most certainly something to explore.

5. Dynamic Content

We’ve expounded on powerful happiness previously. It’s the backbone of customized commitment at scale. What’s more, indeed, it goes past including the client’s most memorable name! That is great, yet quite a lot more should be possible. The best brands are utilizing dynamic Content to draw in their clients cleverly with offers and materials that are exclusively significant.

Why Is It Important? It’s a “show me you know me” world; as customers, we anticipate that our number one brands should grasp our inclinations. Dynamic Content is a method for doing this as a group across your best channels. If this is the kind of thing you might want to accomplish, it means quite a bit to question the seller’s capacity to help it, and on which channels.

Finding The Right Mobile Measurement Partner

As you can see, there are many things to consider when you are researching providers. Hopefully, now you have a clearer idea of what you’re looking for and the questions you should ask. But as mentioned earlier, Trackier Mobile Measurement Partner has got everything and even more you are looking for in a MMP tool.

Also, you can avail of a free demo and request a free trial of Trackier Mobile Measurement Partner to get help in making any decision.  Besides, feel free to reach to us with all your questions or queries, using the contact us page present on our website.


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