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6 Common UI Mobile Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

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Everyone is on their phones nowadays, even life without smartphones cannot be even imagined now. Things have changed and now technology is enhancing and so is the mobile marketing world. Using your mobile is the very first thing that we do as the day begins. So marketers, need to work on their mobile marketing strategies very well and to promote their products effectively here. Staying at the back of the latest trends in online marketing can keep you a foot back on your marketing game.

Mobile phones can be one of the major platforms where brands can promote their products effectively. Sending push notifications, discount offers, personalized messages, etc. can help brands and marketers reach out there audience and increase engagement with them. But wonder is that all enough? Have you ever thought of that are we effectively using this strategy? Might not. There are a lot of mistakes that we commonly make while advertising things on mobile. This is what we are going to discuss today in this blog. Let’s begin finding it out.

Discover the common pitfalls to avoid in mobile marketing

Common Mistakes In Mobile Marketing

Excessive Ads

While you are watching your favorite web series and then you start receiving pop-up ads constantly that advertise products. This is quite annoying, right? Yes, it is! As it is important to market your product but not at the expense of losing your engagement with the audience. Sending excessive ads to your customers can frustrate them and result in less engagement. Hence, we need to stop sending unnecessary ads and ensure that your audience indulges with your content effectively.

Complicated Registration Process: Keeping it complicated for your users to get on board can be one of the most non-engaging aspects for your users. So avoid the lengthy processes for your users to view your app because this subsides their interest in your app and can lead to an increase in the churn rate. Keeping it simple and easy for users will let them visit your app again.

Don’t Underrate Push notifications

You already have your customers onboard but without remarketing tactics can you reach them again? I guess NO! Using push notifications for remarketing is one of the best ways to establish strong connections with your customers. Push notifications have constantly shown an increase in user engagement. When you don’t use effective ads and instant messaging effectively for branding your product that’s a big flaw for you. Hence, you should avoid doing this mistake and use the power of push notifications to inform your customers more about your product and services.

Failure to Implement Mobile UX Optimizations

If your company website is not optimized for users of mobile devices, you can disregard everything that has been discussed thus far. Although it’s essential in mobile marketing, neither smartphones nor tablets have screens that can provide users the same experience as a PC. Some companies continue to believe that directing potential clients to a scaled-down version of their website is OK, and this is why they are losing revenue.

The importance of user experience in the purchasing process cannot be overstated. It literally has a cost to sales! Don’t make your visitors work too hard and put the emphasis on simplicity. Instead, give them the most value in the easiest method possible.

Not Able to Meet Customer Expectations

As a brand, you should have your own identity that should be constantly maintained. Your customers have certain expectations from you and if you fail to achieve them, this becomes a very disappointing aspect of your business. Hence, you should try to maintain your credibility and make sure that your customers are well-satisfied with your products and services.

Inappropriate Communication

Communication is the key to enhanced interaction that ultimately brings out more user engagement and customer acquisition. It completely depends on the way you connect with your customers and for how long they are going to stay with you. Customer loyalty is the most important aspect of a customer relationship. This somewhere affects the brand’s credibility. Hence, you should avoid any miscommunication or gap between your business and customers.

Excessive Loading Time

It’s even more frustrating when you are looking for something at it takes a lot to load at that time. A major drawback for your app is if it has a higher loading time because this is where the user loses interest and moves forward. This drives your user away and results in less user engagement.


There are several things to consider before commencing a mobile marketing strategy in order to get the greatest results. A great mobile marketing plan should have a distinct goal, concentrate on several channels, and be tailored to certain visitors. A superb user-experience design, a straightforward call to action (CTA), and the selection of the appropriate communication platforms can dramatically increase sales and encourage repeat business from clients, which is undoubtedly the ultimate goal of any business, ever. By avoiding the above-mentioned mistakes brands and businesses can make the best out of their marketing strategies.

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