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Benefits Of Utilising Mobile Marketing Properly For Business

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Have a look into spectacular ways Mobile Marketing can grow your business.

For those who are looking into how they can grow their business using mobile marketing it’s important to have a robust mobile marketing strategy and a tool like trackier for analytics, let this article help you understand.

Mobile Marketing

1. Cost Effective:

There are different types of marketing, but in comparison to print, TV and outdoor marketing the mobile marketing is extremely cost effective and trending as well. Mobile Marketing offers multiple communication channels and allows you to choose which one serves you the best considering the budget. Mobile Marketing is all about higher conversions in less investment.

Mobile Marketing Tips

2. Mobile Push Notifications

Smartphone consumer behavior is more effective than the consumer behavior on other devices like desktop & laptops. Mobiles these days are considered as human extension, they are used the most by consumers these days as compared to other devices, courtesy the advanced technologies and ease provided. The push notification on mobile is likely to be acknowledged by the consumer as compared to the desktop and laptop notifications.

In 2020, size of the global mobile marketing market was estimated at 11 billion U.S. dollars, and the source projected that it would reach 57.85 billion dollars by 2030. This would signify a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 18 percent.

3. Demographic Targeting 

Location based targeting is a very useful tactic to drive traffic. The best part of this is that the marketer is able to reach the customers in proximity, for example a restaurant promoting its deal / offer in a nearby location or any store for that matter. This way the marketing is more focused , personal and likely to be noticed. 

4. Personalization

It is a proven fact that personalized marketing leads to greater chances of making consumers take action. This happens because we are more likely to click on content that is of our interest.

5. Real Time Transactions

Mobile commerce is becoming more popular these days. For online businesses now it’s becoming a necessity to have a mobile commerce along with Ecommerce. It provides convenience of shopping and this factor is making consumers shop on mobile rather than having to open their laptops and desktops for shopping.

By the fiscal year 2025, it was predicted that India’s mobile payments business would be worth 245 trillion Indian rupees. From merely 80 billion in the fiscal year 2015, there was an increase. By 2025, it was estimated that the country’s digital payments market would be worth over seven quadrillion rupees.

6. Mobilising Social Media

Social media users are increasing day by day. Social media usage is one of the most popular online activities. In 2021, over 4.26 billion people were using social media worldwide, a number projected to increase to almost six billion in 2027.  Social media has become a very important tool of mobile marketing and the usage of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc have increased on mobile. Therefore any marketing done through platforms are more likely to convert through mobile than other devices.

7. Tracking

Mobile marketing also has the advantage of being able to easily track customer replies, which is a significant feature. You now have more information and insights to draw upon. Metrics like acquisition cost, lifetime value, and user engagement are crucial indicators that can help you assess the health of your campaign and adjust it as needed. This thus results in the budget for the campaign being used effectively. 

8. Search Engine Boost

A mobile-optimised site these days is essential in the present scenario as people surfing on net through mobile devices is drastically increasing as compared to use of search on other devices. A mobile optimised site means relevant add-ons, Page speed, UI/UX, SEO effort.


To optimise your mobile marketing and create a strategy all you need is a MMP (Mobile Measurement Partner) by Trackier. It brings to you the business insights that can help you channel your business plan and increase ROI. 

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