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Device farm

Written by Shashank Uppal

Device farms are a form of mobile ad fraud in which scammers manually carry out actions (like clicks, installs, and other types of engagement) to give the appearance of legitimate activity while sapping advertising budgets.  What is a device farm? […]



Written by Nikhil Kumar

Effective cost per thousand impressions (technically, “effective cost per mille”). Definition eCPM helps compare media with different pricing methods by converting everything to a common metric. This can be helpful when you have a mix of ad buys denominated in […]

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Web Attribution

Written by Bharath S.

What is web attribution? Web attribution is the process, and supporting technology, of understanding and attributing the touchpoints of a consumer journey across the web, whether it’s on a desktop or mobile web browser. In the past, web attribution was […]

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Written by Nikhil Kumar

What is a Postback? In mobile app marketing, a postback contains data that is sent from attribution providers to media sources. There are two types of postbacks: Install postback: Informs the winning media source that it was attributed for an […]

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