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Trackier’s Mobile Measurement Partner Gets a New Look

Just as we’re about to step into the happening season of holidays, our Mobile Measurement Partner just got a makeover. With enhanced features and a much smoother, and seamless user experience, our MMP is all set to make managing and optimizing your mobile campaigns even easier. Let’s check out what’s new.

New Panel for Mobile Measurement Partner

The new panel is optional for our users, but as we’ll fully migrating to the new interface, we highly encourage our users to use the new panel itself.

Recommendation Actions

Get automated and customized action recommendations for your mobile marketing campaigns. From adding unlinks to your campaign to the addition of a new feature, this section will keep you abreast with all the action items you need to accomplish for your mobile marketing campaigns.

an image showing a picture of Trackier's MMP dashboard with recommended actions


Track campaign-related activities including acquisition funnel, channel acquisition, retention trends, DAU, and MAU to understand what channels and partners are working best for your campaigns. Alternatively, users can customize their own activity dashboard to pin the KPIs that matter more to their business.

a picture of trackier mmp dashboard's activity report


Understanding your customer’s journey is the first step to effective mobile marketing. With Trackier’s new and improved Mobile Measurement Partner, you can access comprehensive data and analytics that allow you to map out every touchpoint along the way. From app downloads to in-app interactions and post-purchase engagement, our platform provides a 360-degree view of your audience’s interactions.

an image showing customer touchpoints report in trackier MMP

Install & Uninstall Report

Track the number of organic and inorganic installs, partner-wise report to analyze partner performance based on the uninstalls. This feature also lets you analyze roughly which partner is sending the most fraudulent conversions since the bots and fake installs are more likely to uninstall an app soon after installation.

install and uninstall report in trackier MMP

Customer Analysis

Identify your most high-value customers with the Top 5 customers report. Also, track the geographical distribution of your customers to identify high-potential geographies for your future campaigns.

Fraud Detection

Track fraud conversions on your campaign date-wise to identify any special event triggering the fraudulent activities. The dashboard also notifies users about the total cost incurred by fraudulent activities to help you identify the real ROI of your marketing budget.

UniLink and Customer Experience

Create and manage Unilinks from a single dashboard now on Trackier’s Mobile Measurement Partner. With the Unilink feature, you can create a ‘single’ link where your customers will be redirected to the page you want them to visit. It can be your social media page, web URL, App Store, or registration page. This feature helps you reduce friction in customer journeys, driving your potential customers towards conversion.

unilink dashboard in trackier mmp

Integration with MoEngage

Seamlessly access data from MoEngage and Trackier on a single platform itself. Through API integration, we offer easy and quick data exchange between different third-party tools to create a comprehensive data ecosystem for your business. No need to juggle between multiple platforms for data and reports. Get everything on the same dashboard with just one-click integration.

We understand that it would be a minor inconvenience for users right now to start using the new platform. That’s why our Customer Success Team is always available to help you with the transition. Your seamless transition and satisfaction are our top priorities, and we are committed to making this change as smooth as possible for you.

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