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Trackier Offsite: Exploring the Beauty of Himachal Pradesh

The long weekend just got more exciting for team Trackier as we were off to explore the enthralling meadows of Himachal Pradesh. We spent three days in the paragliding capital of India, Bir (even though it felt like a few fleeting moments for us). Coming back to our base location in Delhi, Monday felt even bluer than it used to be.

Here’s a quick recap of what unfolded at our 3-day offsite.

Marketing team visit to himachal

Starting Off With a Bang!

Team Trackier started its action-packed trip to Bir, from our office in Noida and spent the rest 12 hours on a bus journey full of 90s music, Antakshari (The game of the ending letter) sessions, short naps, and mouth-watering food.

The Waterfall Trek – Adrenaline Junkie’s Paradise

In search of our share of the adrenaline rush, we arrived at the starting point of Bangoru Waterfall, Bir – little did we know about the thrilling trek that awaited us.

After two hours of ascent, we finally arrived at the main stream of Bongoru Waterfall, opening our arms to the majestic beauty of the water, and patting our backs for our own victory.

Team Trackier before embarking on Bongoru Waterfall Trek

Truly, it was dangerous but every minute of it was worth it. The meal tasted even more sumptuous after that.

Pedal Power: Torching Calories on Two Wheels

Day 2, and we were all set to burn some more calories riding a bicycle uphill. Starting from our campsite, we rode our bicycles to our cafe where we made a pitstop to refuel ourselves. The major highlight of the event was the finger-licking Himachali cuisine.

team trackier cycling all the way in Bir, Himachal Pradesh

Musicathon – A Harmonious Gathering of Music Enthusiasts

Headlined by popular indie musicians including Rahgir, Salman Elahi, Buland Himalay, Khalid Ahamed, Naayab Midha, Akanksha Gover, and more, Rahgir started with a bang with over 500 music enthusiasts gathered under one roof.

Team Trackier at Musicathon 10.0 in Bir, Himachal Pradesh

Amid the whistling woods of Bir, the music echoed, intertwining with the hoots and cheers of the music-loving audience.

The third day was when we embarked on our return journey to New Delhi, taking thousands of memories in our hearts, with a promise to return.

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