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Product Updates July 2023: What’s New at Trackier

At Trackier we take pride in our constant innovation policy – which means never stop innovating until we exceed our customer’s expectations. Following the customer-first approach, we have always focussed on bringing more quality to our loyal customer base, than just giving them a regular, run-of-the-mill SaaS platform. And like most of the marketing ninjas say – implement the feedback but don’t forget to tell them, here’s another edition of the product update blog. 

What’s New at Trackier Performance Marketing Software

Check out what we’ve been adding to Trackier’s Performance Marketing Software. 

View Cohort Reports in Performance Graph 

Now quickly identify trends, and behavior, compare performance, and monitor growth with the new graph format of the Cohort Reports in your Performance Marketing Sofware. Simply click on the ‘graph icon’ on the top left of your Cohort Reports to view the graph format. You can also select among multiple KPIs to track your campaign’s performance based on factors you want. 

Cohort report in graphical format

Realtime CSV uploads

Now there’s no queue while uploading the CSV to your Performance Marketing Software. The upload will happen in real time to save you time. 

Maker Checker

Using this Maker Checker feature, Admins can create a set of rules that can hold the changes made by publishers in the billing section, in a pending state until validated by the ‘chosen user’ known as the checker. Hence the name Maker Checker. 

Using the Maker Checker, users can put the changes made to a certain section like bank details in the pending state unless approved by a checker of their choice. 

Trackier Performance Marketing Software's Make Checker Feature

Bulk Edit Campaigns, Targeting Rules, CAP, etc. 

You can now bulk edit campaigns for targeting rules, geo, time targeting, global CAP, and many more settings. All you have to do is select the ‘bulk target’ option from the Campaign section’s top left drop-down menu. Select the campaigns you wish to make changes to. Select the parameters you wish to change and voila. 

bulk update campaigns in trackier performance marketing software

Filler Rule

This feature allows you to fill in the data with multiple values based on some filters that you apply for offers and publishers. You can choose the field name and offers on which you want to fill the data along with the weightage.  

Filler rule in Trackier Performance Marketing Software

What’s New at Trackier Mobile Marketing Platform

Check out what’s new and what’s updated on Trackier’s Mobile Marketing Platform. 

Filter In-App Event Logs Based on Customer Phone Number

Now skim the data even more. We have added the Customer Phone Number filter to the in-app event log reports. This way you can trim down the data to a granular level to identify your high-value customers. 

customer phone number filter in in-app event logs

Check Rejected Revenue and Approved Revenue in Total Revenue Tab

As part of our revenue tab over the dashboard, a bifurcation has been added to show the rejected and approved revenue from both organic and non-organic traffic. This will pop up once you hover on the number being reflected as part of it 

If you’re facing any problem accessing these new features, or even any existing feature, reach out to your dedicated Customer Succes Manager. They would be happy to help.

In case you haven’t enrolled for Trackier, here’s something you can do. Start with a small commitment, or let’s say – zero commitment. Book a free trial to get a hang of our platform and commit to it only if it makes sense to you and your business. 

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