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Offerwalls are in-app advertisements that give developers a way to reward user engagement and generate income from both paid and free users, giving businesses the chance to increase app revenue and enhance user engagement and retention.


What is an Offerwall?

One way to turn your mobile app, website, or digital content into a source of revenue is with an offerwall. 

You can monetize your app or website using this advertising platform because you are compensated each time a user completes an offer. Not only that, but the user also receives virtual benefits, delighting them and encouraging them to return for more.

Offerwalls aren’t just for free app users, but the majority of people who interact with them never upgrade to a paid version of the app. 

While that may seem like a bummer, it serves as an example of how developers can use offerwalls to generate potential revenue through rewards and engagement.


How does an offerwall work?

Offerwalls are a clever tool that entices users to extend their app session, and possibly even spend a little coin in the process.

Picture it: Your users are at a crucial point in their user journey, and much to their dismay, they realize they are out of game currency. Almost as if the app anticipated the user’s needs, a pop-up appears and reads “earn currency.” 

Here’s the best part: as in our example, users aren’t forced to engage with one particular ad to level up in the game or get more currency. Instead, users can choose from various offers and varying amounts of currency. 

This allows users a certain freedom of choice on how they’d like to proceed, based on their interests and the amount of time they have available to continue engaging with the app.


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