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Mobile fraud detection

Mobile fraud detection involves a variety of techniques and technologies used in identifying actions (impressions, clicks, installs, etc.) that aren’t actually real.


What is mobile fraud detection and protection?

Mobile fraud detection encompasses a set of technologies and reports that help mobile marketers identify fraud. Whereas mobile fraud protection uses a variety of rules and signals to actively block fraud in real-time, many advanced types of fraud require deeper analysis to detect.

Fraud detection solutions use a combination of big data, real-time machine learning, and AI, allowing marketers to identify sophisticated mobile fraud, including deviceID reset fraud, install hijacking, suspicious device trends, and click flooding.

Requires advanced fraud detection:

  • Click redirection
  • Forced clicks
  • Click flooding
  • Click hijacking
  • Install hijacking
  • Install fraud from new devices
  • Install fraud hiding behind Limit Ad Tracking
  • Mislabeled Clicks


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