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Ad Units

What are Ad Units?

Ad units are coded containers that developers use to display various types of ads within an app or website. There are multiple types of ad formats, placements, and types that can be utilized within each individual ad unit, which perform better or worse depending on the context. 


Ad unit formats

Not every mobile ad is created equal. While some may be text-only others may be more interactive. Mobile ad units come in a multitude of formats that are uniquely effective in their own ways. Here are the most common ones:


Banner ad unit: Rectangular ads that are shown at the top or bottom of the app that can be refreshed at timed intervals. This is one of the most common types of mobile ad units and one of the easiest to implement. They can include text, image rich  media, or videos.


Overlay ads with a companion: Responsive ads that appear in the middle of a desktop or mobile screen, which is expanded when triggered by an interaction. Once closed, the ad can be minimized and expanded again if a user clicks on it. 


Slider ads with overlay: Ads that slide up from the bottom of the screen to take up the entire screen, which only expand when clicked. This is available on both desktop and mobile. 


Native ads: Highly customizable ads that appear ‘native’ by replicating the natural look and feel of your app or website. Native ads are effective on long-form written content and can be created in the form of image or video ads.


Rewarded ad unit: Ad units that give users in-app rewards after they complete a survey, play with a game, or watch videos in the form of video ads or interactive ads. This incentivizes users to engage with apps and reap rewards.


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