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Boosting Growth & Profits For Efra Management With Trackier

Boosting Growth & Profits For Efra Management With Trackier

Efra Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a leading and well-established full-service advertising and digital marketing agency. This reputable organization offers a wide range of services, including Affiliate Marketing, Performance Marketing, Digital Marketing, Influencer Marketing, and Offline Marketing for B2B and B2C (Customer Acquisition and Merchant Onboarding).

However, the company faced a challenge in enhancing its revenue and profits. To overcome this challenge, Efra Management decided to streamline its performance marketing campaigns and improve the management of its affiliate network. They partnered with Trackier, a leading performance marketing software provider.

Throughout their collaboration, Efra Management achieved remarkable results, including a
– 214% increase in QoQ gross revenue,
– 198% increase in QoQ gross profit
– 150% increase in overall profit.

Read on to discover how Trackier helped Efra Management achieve their envisioned numbers with ease.

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