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Tracking referrals without using any codes

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The whole data game for app owners revolves around two data points “What are my users looking at?” and “Who are my users talking to?”. Why? You see how when using an app, they often ask you to share links to the app or send recommendations to your friends, while providing an incentive in in-game currency or otherwise through a unique code they send you in the invitation which then your friend can use to install the app.

In this article, we will try to describe how you can implement a smoother flow while pulling such data back into the app.

When working with Trackier, the app owner has to provide a Trackier tracking link to the person being invited. This opens up the gates of attribution from clicking on the link to the first time the app is opened upon download.

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When you create the invitation tracker link, it creates a new segment in your trackier dashboard and a tracker URL. Now if someone uses this link to install your app, we attribute this install to an invited user.

Now, about the user reward. We want to dynamically utilize the data on which user made the invitation in the first place. We can accomplish this by adding the label parameter to the tracker URL once a user decides to create an invite.

This label parameter can then be accessed in the callbacks or webhooks that you set up. All that you need now is for your servers to run some logic that rewards the user whenever an install callback hits your servers with tracker Invitations and label user.

You can also apply this logic locally which is not such a seamless process when it comes to most MMPs. But Trackier’s real-time marketing data API allows us to access the data inside the app so we can insert it right into the logic.

Instead of generating unique codes in the referring app and sending it to your database, you can send this code over the link. Now, you don’t need to ask your users for anything, rather the Trackier SDK will provide you with all the data you will need to track your referrals.

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