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Trackier wins 2019 Expert’s Choice Award and Top ranking from FinancesOnline!

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 We are all extremely proud of what we have achieved at Trackier until 2019, and our latest honour gives us even more reason to celebrate. Trackier has won the prestigious 2019 Expert’s Choice Award, 2019 Great User Experience Award, 2019 Supreme Software Award from FinanceOnline, a very popular B2B software review platform. This recognition is awarded annually to products that offer outstanding solutions to B2B companies in multiple categories. With an overall score of 9.1 out of 10 and a 100% satisfaction rating at the time of writing, Trackier has also been honoured in FinanceOnline’s new Top 5 List of Affiliate Program Tracking Software. When evaluating Nutshell for the 2019 Expert’s Choice Award, FinanceOnline’s team of software experts examined and compared Nutshell to its competitors in a variety of scenarios. 


 We are delighted to have received another brilliant award, but more importantly, the 2019 Expert Choice Award confirms once again that our software offers the best value to affiliate networks around the world. In the niche of the world of Affiliate Tracking, FinancesOnline considers Trackier as one of the leading Affiliate Tracking Software in the market. Based on their data, our platform is also considered one of the best by customers. FinancesOnline used its customer satisfaction algorithm to analyze the general perception of our users on the Internet, with results showing a positive satisfaction rate of 95%. We are working to increase the customer satisfaction rate to match our high uptime of 99.99%. Visit FinanceOnline to post your own Nutshell review, and thank you for your support throughout another great year. We look forward to showing you what’s coming for us in 2020!

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