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Trackier Business Strategies Imparting growth

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Think of a SaaS (Software as a service) based tool that is dedicated to provide your online business with solutions that impart to the growth of your business in every way possible. Trackier is the ideal tool having various features dedicated to building business. 

If you are struggling scaling your business it’s time to strategize your business with Trackier as this tool helps you achieve marketing success with scalable Partner management solutions.

Business Strategies

Look into our Offerings and Softwares 

1. Performance Marketing Software

Performance marketing is a form of digital marketing where brands pay based on the performance of their affiliates & influencers. In simple words, you only pay for affiliates or influencers who are giving you maximum sales. 

With Trackier Performance Marketing Software take your “customer first” policy to the advertising domain and optimize your way to success with a deeper look into partner performance, target audience features, revenue channels and so much more. All of that in just a click! It’s Quick, convenient and result driven. It helps you in the following ways.

  • Customer Retention
  • Set Thresholds For Conversion Rates (Automate payments & commissions)
  • Customisable Data Reporting Feature
  • Protect your interests with Fraud Shields
  • Form a Relationship of Trust With Your Partners

This is an intuitive tool that streamlines your marketing campaigns, and ensures you invest wisely on your affiliates and influencers.

  2. Mobile Marketing Software

Trackier’s Mobile Marketing Software is a holistic solution for your mobile marketing. It is definite to improve your engagement rates with a new-age Ad-tech that helps you to acquire high LTV Users. It provides you with quality data that will help you analyze and make the right decisions for your business growth.

This platform helps bring out only the relevant data, parameters to your ROI, managing them across all channels using one platform. Its useful in the following ways.

  • Reach your audience wherever they are, Capture their journey and beat iOS challenges
  • Get insights into interests of your audiences
  • Maximize Profits – Generates custom reports to calculate ROI’s & ROA’s, tracks the performance of each partner
  • Unlock the potential of your Data – Inspect efficiency of your sales funnel 
  • Best Practices to protect your data

3. iGaming Platform

An all inclusive platform designed uniquely for iGaming, forex, and lottery industries for multi-channel Tracking and Analytics.

There are around 1500+ happy customers around the globe who are using Trackier to grow their businesses. Let’s have a look at some who had a great experience.

During a 2022 survey carried out among marketers, 41 percent of respondents stated that data driven marketing was most useful in personalization. Mapping of customer experience or customer journey ranked first, named by 48 percent of responding marketers.

The Above companies have used the tools offered by trackier to grow their business. Your business can be next, just book a call or reach out to us through our site.

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