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Server To Server Integration Through Website Becomes Easy

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Are you looking to track the ad campaigns or the conversions on a third-party server? No Problem. Now, you will be able to store conversion data and track campaigns, using a simple Server To Server Integration Model on your website.

Server To Server Integration (S2S Integration)

Server To Server Tracking:

S2S server can be simply defined as the way through which two or more servers are communicating directly with each other.  

S2S integration allows two ad servers (i.e. an ad network & a publisher) to talk to each other.

It works by generating and storing a Unique Click ID when the user clicks on an affiliate link or by using an ad impression.

Before moving to the working, let’s understand the main term of S2S integration, CLICK ID.

CLICK ID: It makes it possible to link the internet user, the affiliate, and the advertiser to the affiliate campaign. 

  • The Click ID includes 24 Characters and can be shown in the URL to be redirected. 
  • The Click ID will be unique for each click that happens. 

How Does It Work?

Server To Server Integration Working, S2S Working

  1. At first, the user sees or clicks on an ad visible on the website.
  2. Trackier generates a ClickID on the advertiser’s page & records the click.
  3. Click ID gets stored on a dedicated server owned by the advertiser.
  4. So, when the advertiser clicks or conversion happens, the advertiser returns the conversion information via a postback URL containing the Click id. 
  5. Trackier helps the advertiser to record their conversion using the click id saved in the recorded URL. 

How To Accomplish Sever To Server Integration With Your Website?

Step 1: Inject the “Click ID” into a URL Parameter on your tracking links:

To track the affiliate partner who made the conversion, Trackier will help in generating the “Click ID” during each click or impression on your program, using a redirect tracking URL. 

  • Add the required parameter in the URL
  • Store the created parameter in your tracking campaign.

Note: Parameter(s) are defined as the value sent via URL.  

Step 2: Store Click ID and send the conversion to Trackier in Post Back URL:

Once you have the ClickID in the incoming traffic URLs, you can track if the user has completed the registration. Also, you must fire back the id back to the Trackier. 

To do this you have to replace the CIDs with the customer ID in the postback URL sent by the trackier, which will be shown as: 

SAMPLE URLs Include:

  • The Post Backlink will be shown in the above-shared format. 
  • Make sure you replace the CLICK_ID with Trackier CLICK ID, with the parameter you have chosen in the web URL. 

Also, we have taken the example of XYZ{xyz}&security_token=bxxxxxxxxxxxxxx33

 So you need to make sure when you fire postback 24 character click id you have received via web URL under XYZ parameter, you will fire the same when the user completed the registration.

Note: But you should also remember that while integrating the S2S on your website,  the cookie must be set in the HTTP response header & not in a client-side script, for example: 

  • The cookie must be set with an HttpOnly flag.
  • The cookie must be defined with the secure flag. 

Also, to get a clearer understanding on how the successful integration of the S2S tracking gets configured, You can checkout the entire content on our knowledge base section from here!! 

The Highlighting Features of Sever To Server (S2S) Integrations include:

  • It is tracking conversion without using cookies.
  • Track Conversion without altering the Thankyou/ Completion page.
  • Information is stored in the server (merchant side)
  • Very Precious Tracking
  • Ensures your ad tracking is smooth and hassle-free.

Advantages Of Enabling Sever To Server Tracking:

  • Smoothening Of The Tracking Accuracy: 

Whenever a user sees or clicks on an affiliate tracking link, S2S helps in generating a ClickID. Thus, helps in increasing and smoothing the tracking accuracy.   

  • Enhanced Security :

S2S works independently and doesn’t require the use of a Cookie. Since the conversion or the results can be tracked with a “ClickID”, you can avoid many types of affiliate fraud such as cookie stuffing. 

  • Mobile Tracking:

Tracking application downloads or in-app conversions through cookies has many limitations. Notably because of the following :

  • Many search engines like Safari, have their cookies deactivated. 
  • It limits or restricts the deposit of cookies in app stores for application downloads.

However, by using S2S tracking, you can ensure that your Campaign tracking is smooth, without worrying much about cookies. 

Bottom line:

S2S is an efficient and easier way to track the affiliate work and the related conversion easily without any hassle. As it does not require any cookie validation, you can totally rely on it to track any marketing campaign.

Moreover, you can use the Trackier’s Performance Marketing Software to manage your campaigns and record data accordingly. For more information related to our Performance Marketing Software, feel free to reach us over a call.

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