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Learn To Recruit Right Partners To Boost Your Partner Program

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You made the right affiliate programme choice. In order to draw in new customers, you also made the effort to develop a user-friendly affiliate marketing strategy. But if you don’t promote your affiliate programme via the right channels, all of your launch efforts will be for nothing.

You’ll need affiliates, such as bloggers, social media celebrities, subject matter experts, or customers who publish your affiliate links on their own channels, in order to conduct efficient affiliate marketing.

By promoting your affiliate programme, you can make sure that these potential affiliates will be able to find it and join to contribute to the creation of new leads and sales.

Recruit Right Partners For Affiliate Program


How should your affiliate programme be promoted? We cover 8 tested affiliate marketing tactics that you can use immediately, regardless of whether you own an e-commerce site, a B2B SaaS, or some other kind of online enterprise.

1. Create an attractive affiliate programme page

Since it serves as the central location for your whole affiliate network, we must begin this list with your affiliate programme website (and your promotional efforts).

Your potential affiliates can discover more about your programme and what it has to offer them on the affiliate programme website.

Let’s go on to discussing how to advertise your programme and direct potential affiliates to this vital page.

2. Add the programme to more pages on your website.

Prospective affiliates typically look in the top and bottom menus of your website to see if you provide a programme. Ideally, both of these menus should contain a link to your affiliate programme website.

However, menus are only one potential strategy you can use to advertise your affiliate programme on your website.

Why not advertise your affiliate programme on the pages that receive the most visitors? Or perhaps by including a strong hero picture on your homepage? The programme might also be mentioned in your most popular blog posts. The options are almost unlimited!

3. Include it in newsletters and email marketing

When it matters most, promoting your affiliate programme within emails reaches your current clients directly.

Here are a few instances:

  • You may send a customized email inviting your best clients to sign up for your affiliate programme. After expressing gratitude for their company and highlighting how they have benefited it, describe the affiliate program’s win-win structure (they earn passive income and you gain more exposure).
  • Or you may send a specific promotional email informing every member of your email list that you have an affiliate programme. (Bringing up your commission rate is an effective method to get your customer’s attention.)

4. Use social media to promote

Your audience seeks out the inside information on social media. Therefore, make sure to advertise your affiliate programme on the social media networks that your audience uses the most.

Post interesting content with a link to your affiliate programme. To really grab the attention of any potential affiliates, be sure to change the wording and graphics in your postings.

Your social media bio is a terrific, underutilised location to include a link to your affiliate programme, much like your email signature. Add that link and declare, “We have an affiliate programme!”

5. Employ tactical SEO (search engine optimization)

Your top affiliate candidates may already be looking for affiliate programmes to join. By adding “affiliate programme” to the end of popular niche and industry keywords, make sure they can quickly locate your affiliate landing page. (Examples include “luggage affiliate programme” and “baby affiliate programme”).

6. Invest In Paid Ads (PPC Ads)

Another efficient strategy to reach potential affiliates is to pay for Google Adwords based on popular search terms. The same is true for Facebook ads that are directed at individuals who fit your ideal demographic and who belong to an audience or peer group that is similar to your own. As long as your commissions are competitive, highlighting your affiliate commission in these advertising is especially helpful.

7. Participate in Affiliate forums and groups

Affiliates can exchange advice and look for fresh prospects in dedicated forums and social media groups. These websites are frequently visited by seasoned affiliate marketers looking for new products in their sector to advertise.

Think about mentioning your own affiliate programme on a forum or group (while adhering to any rules, of course), then sit back and wait for the affiliates to find you.

However, it would be preferable to establish yourself and share your knowledge before you advertise your affiliate programme. By doing this, you’ll promote trust among the affiliates in the group, increasing their likelihood of taking part in your programme.

8. Make direct contact

What’s the best strategy to advertise your affiliate programme and recruit reliable affiliates?

Typically, it involves directly contacting handpicked affiliates, such as bloggers, social media stars, specialised influencers, subject matter experts, and other high-caliber content producers who have audiences similar to yours.

Send a direct message on social media, or use their About or Contact page, to personally contact your top affiliate candidates.

Personalization is essential in this situation, especially given how well you hand-selected these potential affiliates. Establish a true connection with them, acknowledge their prior contributions, and outline the advantages of being an affiliate.

Give them the opportunity to test out your product first.

In conclusion, always check affiliates before accepting them!

No matter how you advertise your affiliate programme, you can’t and shouldn’t accept every applicant who expresses interest. Instead, thoroughly vet each applicant to ensure they are respectable and a good fit for your company before accepting them as new affiliates.

Although affiliate programme promotions help you to expand your reach, you need still be picky when choosing the best affiliates for your programme.

Find high-quality affiliates through tailored and well-planned marketing, and then support them fully as they bring you fresh leads and clients.


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