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How To Optimise Your Online Marketing Ad Spend Effectively?

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Online marketing is becoming the major source of revenue for businesses these days. Companies depend on multiple marketing and analytics tools to measure their business performance like free Social Media tools (Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.), they are useful, organic and but time taking.

Ad Optimization

Then comes the paid advertising tools like Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Linkedin ads, etc..​​They no doubt provide you with business analytics but they are expensive as they charge you based on impressions, and clicks and they even miss the major marketing feature that is performance-based marketing, It helps you identify affiliates and influencers that are giving you maximum sales. Based on this you can make the judgment on how to streamline your ad spend.

You can fearlessly depend on this magical Performance marketing tool Trackier. It helps you identify your best-performing affiliates and influencers by providing you a platform the allows you to place specific goals, create a plan and set of agreements for accomplishing them, and set up tracking to be 100% clear when those goals are achieved. With Trackier you only pay for the conversions and not for the unwanted clicks and impressions.

Additionally, performance marketing is a type of digital advertising where firms pay affiliates and influencers depending on their performance. Simply said, you only pay for affiliates or influencers that generate the most sales for you.

Don’t you think it would be amazing if you only pay for affiliates and influencers who are giving you maximum sales?


Eternal Lifecycle of Your Online Marketing Brand

Now let’s know about the performance marketing players, the entities typically involved in building a performance marketing strategy.

The Brand

Also known as an advertiser or a business that aims to market its goods or services and realise particular objectives like increasing leads and sales.

The Publisher

Affiliate, marketer, or partner are terms used to describe the Publisher. a person or business that use a variety of strategies and techniques to market the brand and accomplish its objectives. Publishers advertise through their own platforms, such as blogs, websites, and social media profiles.

Networks & Platforms

The intermediary organisations that link brands and publishers. Manage payments and campaigns, and keep tabs on their effectiveness. The necessity for a platform like Trackier to track clicks, sales, and other KPIs is more likely for companies than it is for them to go through a network ( Key Performance Indicators).

Outsourced Program Managers (OPMs)

Companies and agencies that manage full-service marketing campaigns for companies that don’t prefer an in-house team. OPMs offer services like campaign design, publisher recruitment, and marketing strategy, among others. can also aid in performance optimization through best practises for online marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and landing page optimization.

To know more about performance marketing and how it helps! Speak to our experts as we are dedicated to making sure you invest online wisely.

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