Last month we have introduced some updates to the product which might save your time. We’ve been working hard on the new update demanded by our customers. Thanks for requestion these features, we only want to create your Marketing Arsenal lot easier, lot more problem-solving. We feel these features would be the time-consuming task for our clients. Have a look, and give us the feedback by commenting below.

  • Take Bulk Action

Manage Campaign

You can quickly update the Status of many campaigns in a go by using our Bulk Action Button. Earlier the functioning allowed you to update the campaigns one by one. Now if the user wants to Update the status of the campaigns or Publishers or Advertisers then ‘YES’ they can easily do this with our system.

Manage Campaign

To activate this feature only you need to activate the new version by clicking on the hyperlinked text in the manage page.

  • Advertiser Targeting Rule

Advertiser Targeting Rule

Earlier we introduced to set up the campaign based Advance Targeting Rule, on the multiple demands of our Clients. We created a way to reduce your work and enable you to set up the Advance Targeting Rule for the Advertisers, you do not need to update the Targeting Rule again and again for a particular Advertiser. Click here to see, how you can use this feature in your vNative panel.

  • Tracking Link Export

Tracking Link- Trackier

You can export Campaigns Tracking Link from your network in just a few clicks. This can be useful if your publisher asks the update on all their Tracking Links of the vNative platform. You can group the sheet on the basis of Campaign, Publisher, Link, and Status.

Have any feedback or suggestions for how we can improve vNative? Please don’t hesitate to send us an email, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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