Affiliate marketing is where one party has something to sell, and another party promotes it for them to their own contacts or via their own site. It is beneficial to both parties because the person with something to sell gets more business, and the person doing the marketing for them gets to make money. Finding affiliates is a combination of simply asking people and letting interested parties know about your program. In addition, you can encourage people to be an affiliate by offering excellent products and a generous commission. In this article, I’m going to tell you how you can find affiliates to wins more business.

  • OFFER AN ATTRACTIVE COMMISSION affiliate for business - MoneyWhen we promote an affiliate business, we have a very clear intention: to make money online. Thus, commissions paid by affiliate businesses are one of the most important factors in analyzing the business. If your affiliate considers the commission fair and motivating, surely they will give you extra motivation in promoting the business.

    affiliate for business - motivationWhile starting an affiliate business, this is the most important element to help you generate trust among affiliate. Do not forget to demonstrate working terms on your website. Include these main points: –

    • commissions ( be transparent for commission offering )
    • the length of cookies ( time period )
    • who gets the commission (the first, last or both referring affiliates)
    • payment (when, how).
  • BE FRIENDLY AND MOTIVATE PEOPLEaffiliate for business- motivationSteve Jobs once said:

     Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.

    Trust me with a friendly nature you can connect any person well. Be generous and offer the high motivating commission for your affiliates. Avoid offering the low commission as 5-10% unless your products are very costly, try to get your commission as close as you can to 25-30%. Another way to motivate your affiliates is by running a competition in your affiliate network.


    affiliate for business- reportingIt’s very important to provide the affiliate with real-time reporting so that they can have a track in real time. Real-time reporting reflect to image in your affiliate’s mind regarding your authenticity. Opt for tools providing the real-time performance stats to your affiliate.
    My product vNative provide such kind of real-time reporting panel for your affiliates.
  • GIVE GIFTS TO NEW POTENTIAL AFFILIATES affiliate for business- contests

    Giving is the master key to success, in all applications of human life.” — Bryant McGill

    It could be a free offer of your software or products. This may persuade a new potential affiliate to join your program. It’s upon you in which way you want to gift your affiliate.

  • PARTICIPATE AT AFFILIATE EVENTS/ JOIN AFFILIATES FORUMSaffiliate for business- eventsParticipate in affiliate events, join affiliate forums is a way to connect more and more people working in the affiliate world. Try to help them with their problems, write some tips and tricks for them and you can indirectly promote your own affiliate business as well. Attending events and connecting with people is a worthy step in the Affiliate world.

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