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Guess Who’s the Great Place to Work®? It’s Trackier!

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2023 has been treating us right. From meaningful partnerships to groundbreaking achievements, we’ve experienced incredible growth and success. As the year sets its foot in the last leg, surprises get even better. Adding probably not the last feather to this year’s hat, Trackier ticked off another milestone this week – the Great Place to Work® Certification.

We never had a doubt in our head that Trackier is indeed a ‘great’ place to work, but a label coming from the prestigious Great Place to Work® Institute, it feels even more validating and rewarding.

As we share this amazing news with you, I would like to shift the spotlight to what makes Trackier a Great Place to Work® – it’s our team.

A Note to Our Incredible Team Members

Dear team members,

Every day, it’s your passion, dedication, and collaborative spirit that truly sets Trackier apart and makes it a vibrant and inspiring workplace. This certification is not just about recognition; it’s a reflection of our shared commitment to fostering an exceptional environment that supports and nurtures every individual.

We might have momentarily stumbled, but stood by us, reminding us of our core values – trust, resilience, care, and dedication. It’s your success, defined by your trust in Trackier and your constant efforts to make this place as great as it is.

Why Trackier is a Great Place to Work?

As we celebrate our achievement, here’s a list of key differentiators that set us apart;

  • Employee well-being is not a buzz word for us. We take it very seriously. To ensure our team members are taken care of, we have a meticulous employee benefit program that includes, but is not limited to lucrative health insurance policy, diverse reimbursements, and frequent employee engagement activities including domestic as well as international trips.
  • Above all, we value our employees’ personal time, so implementing and maintaining work-life balance is the norm at Trackier. This has not only built trust and job satisfaction among throughout the teams, but has also significantly boosted productivity.
  • We believe engaged employees are more productive, hence we encourage open communication, frequent timeouts, and parties not only to untwine but also to boost collaborative environments.
  • Trackier has a robust upskilling program to encourage its employees to take up career advancement courses, wherein the company partially reimburses the course fee to incentivize team’s dedication to ongoing learning.
  • Last but not the least, we foster flat hierarchies within the teams so that everyone including the CXOs, are approachable. Every voice is heard, acknowledged and valued, which makes Trackier not only a Great Place to Work®, but a vibrant community where ideas and opinions shape the future together.

Having said that, our journey of achievements doesn’t end here. This certification marks the beginning of many more such milestones we will be celebrating together. With our dedication to making Trackier an inclusive and incredible place to work, we will be adding many more feathers to the cap in the future.

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