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Great Show at Ad: Tech Mumbai 2018

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Last month, on 28 November, Ad: Tech Mumbai held their first show at JW Marriot. The event attracted representatives from brands, affiliates, networks and publishers.

Ad Tech Mumbai 2018

This was something new we explored at Ad Tech. Ultimately, Ad: Tech Mumbai was the success, we enjoyed our time catching up with clients and other industry leaders and are looking forward to the Ad: Tech Delhi in March.

Throughout the Event, there was a focus on Automation in everyday life. Within the AdTech industry, brands feel they need to deliver this type of technology but they do not have the capabilities to do so. Therefore campaigns fail. Instead, there was a call to focus on people’s experiences, tailoring ads to individual users, capitalizing on data and maximizing retargeted ads. This way brands can talk to their consumers on their preferred channels – making the user experience smoother.

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