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Finance Apps in APAC need An Effective Attribution Tracking Solution, Here’s Why.

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With people being dependent on their phones for the smallest of the utilities, the demand for finance apps in the APAC region, in addition to OTT platforms and e-commerce websites, has been on a constant rise. Many people now do not rely on banks to pay their bills, take credits, transfer money, recharge their phones, and more, they simply prefer to download an app with which they can avail themselves any service with just one click. While each day a new finance app is being launched in the market, the real struggle is to get yourself noticed. One needs aggressive mobile marketing to get ahead of the alternatives and catch the attention of the end consumer. 

As per a study, finance apps are being liked by two major segments of our population – unbanked (those who don’t have a bank account) and underbanked (those who have a bank account but prefer using other financial services). Among these segments, it’s not only youngsters who rely heavily on finance apps but also parents. And the major reason behind these app installs is the right mobile marketing strategy along with a dynamic portfolio of services.

Financial services, loans, trading, investment, etc. are some of the many features that serve as the attraction point for today’s consumers. It’s true that the more unique your services are, the more downloads you will get. But it’s also true that if your ad is seen by a consumer at the right place and time and if it is powerful enough to convert a click into download, then it will eventually result in a spike in your growth rate. 

Attribution Tracking

When it comes to an aggressive marketing strategy, you not only need a clickable ad but also you need to have an insight into the behaviour of the mobile users – to which ad they are responding, on which platform, which media platform is giving you fruitful results and more. It’s only then when you would be able to optimise your marketing strategy to achieve the desired results. Well, that’s not all! You would also need to engage the consumers who have come on your app so that your clicks are turned into conversions in no time. And this is why you need a marketing attribution tracking solution to make you stand out from the crowd. 

What is attribution tracking? 

In clear and simple terms, it’s about mapping your customer’s journey. It’s the process of following a user from seeing an ad on the media platform to clicking it to install the app and beyond. Thanks to the complex and dynamic journey of a consumer across various channels and devices, you can be amazed by the insights you receive at first. But when you look at the overall data attribution tracking solution presents to you, a bigger picture starts to emerge that can help you determine where to put focus and additional spend in future campaigns. It would also give you the details regarding which messaging is functioning well and with which customer persona. 

Along with attribution, what all services does the mobile attribution tracking model provide? 

Granular in-app event mapping – 

It’s the major building block of app marketing success. It not only gives you a detailed picture of how your consumer landed on your app, where he is spending most of his time on your app post installation but also helps you plan more effective user acquisition and re-engagement campaigns. 

Choosing your media sources – 

With so many digital media platforms available at your disposal, it is really difficult to choose which one you should go ahead with. An effective attribution tracking solution will help you choose the right media source as per the data collected. Plus it will also aid you in automating your mobile marketing campaigns. With just one click, you can update campaign budgets for top-performing ads on various platforms. 

Audience builder – 

It enables you to segment your audiences based on in-app behaviour and attributes for effective retargeting. You can define audiences you want to target as per the results of the data collected and then immediately act upon them without wasting any time. 

Fraud prevention – 

The online world of mobile marketing is surely a boon but it’s a bane too because it makes your model vulnerable to frauds and scams. When unchecked, ad fraud can derail your entire strategy by stealing from ad budgets and skewing datasets. But with the right tracking solution, you would get comprehensive ad fraud prevention that proactively stops fraud even before it happens, leaving you with all the time to focus on your growth and strategy. 

What are the benefits of a marketing attribution solution?

  • By shining a spotlight on the touchpoints that would earn you the most engagements, the attribution model helps you arriving at optimised mobile marketing spend.
  • By enabling you to reach the right consumer at the right time, at the right place, with the right message, it’s your key to achieve increased conversions and higher marketing ROI
  • By generating real-time insights, it helps you better understand the need of your customers so that you can spend more time and efforts in creating personalised campaign and product development.
  • By evaluating the creative elements of a campaign, it allows the marketers to hone messaging and visual elements for an optimised creative in addition to better understanding how and when to communicate with users.

Well, these are only some of the many benefits of the attribution model. Hope this blog would have answered most of your questions. Needless to say, when you have the right marketing solution and strategy, your product will surely achieve newer heights. And with the demand for finance apps rising with each day, the right attribution solution by your side will truly give you an even higher flight. For more information, feel free to visit our online portal, Trackier.  

Who are we? 

We are Trackier – SaaS Performance Marketing Software. We offer brands and marketers state-of-the-art marketing tools for real-time solutions and increased ROI.

Having collaborated with diverse brands across the globe,  we are known to make data-driven decisions easier and more effective. Our Trackier Mobile Marketing Platform will offer you not only an attribution solution but will also provide you with real-time analytics and other advanced features. 

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