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Home » Blog » Performance Marketing » Affiliate Marketing: How To Find B2B Affiliates?

Affiliate Marketing: How To Find B2B Affiliates?

Written by Siddharth Jain

Finding affiliates entails a combination of basic questions and informing interested persons about your service. You may also persuade others to become affiliates by providing high-quality products, outstanding customer service, and a significant commission.

How To Find B2B Affiliates?

You will have to put in some effort to locate the finest affiliates to join your programme, but it will be well worth it. Let’s look at some recommended practices for finding affiliates and where to seek them now.

1. Look for specialised blogs and websites to work with.

When people are enthusiastic about something, they frequently create a blog. If a person’s interest is woodworking, for example, a blog is a good way to stay motivated as well as discover like-minded others who are looking for woodworking information on the internet.

Most of the time, if a person is skilled at something and gives useful material on his or her blog to help other people who have the same interest, the blog will become fairly famous among others who share the same interest. Using these well-established sites as a starting point for affiliate marketing is a smart idea.

You may either pay for a service that connects you with potential affiliates whose blog or site suits your needs or do it yourself.

You may also discover speciality blogs in your target market and offer your affiliate programme to them directly. For example, if you offer “pet toys,” a simple Google search for “dog care guide blog” can provide several results.

2. On your website, include a link to your affiliate programme.

Ensure that your affiliate programme is promoted to people that arrive at your website via a landing page. The more individuals that are aware of it, the more likely they are to join. Describe the advantages, including the commission structure and rates (depending on your unique setup). For the initial months, you might wish to offer affiliates a larger compensation rate to get them to join your programme.

3. Influencers

Millions of individuals use platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, and others on a daily basis for hours. Influencers shape people’s perceptions of a product or service by promoting or dismissing it.

If you’re a gaming firm looking for influencers to advertise your gaming gear or game, YouTube is the greatest place to look.

There are some well-known influencers, such as PewDiePie, who will charge you a lot of money to endorse your product, but if you’re just getting started, there are plenty of other influencers who will work with you within your budget.

4. Websites with Coupons

Customers continue to be enthralled with coupon sites. You may contact discount sites directly, to explore how to get your brand on their website.

With coupon sites, your brand’s reach expands considerably, since you can target online customers you wouldn’t otherwise be able to contact. Furthermore, their visitors are clients, resulting in a high conversion rate.

Keep in mind that because these affiliates are coupon sites, you must also provide a discount to your consumers.

5. Join Affiliate Networks

This allows you to communicate with prospective affiliates on a low-cost basis. Try to assist them with their issues, offer some tips and techniques for them, and market your own affiliate programme in an indirect manner.

Using affiliate forums provides you instant access to over 40,000 affiliates! They may or may not be enthusiastic about your affiliate scheme, but by offering value to the community, you will almost certainly receive some attractive affiliate options.

6. Make a Profitable Commission Offer

Be generous with your affiliates and provide them with high-motivating commissions. Unless your items are really expensive, avoid giving low commissions such as 5-10%; instead, aim for a commission of 25-30%. If you run a SaaS, we propose a commission rate of 20% to 30%.

7. Recruit an Affiliate Manager

Hiring an affiliate manager can help you develop your affiliate programme faster, even if you’re just getting started. Hire someone who is knowledgeable about your niche, has contacts with great affiliates, and is familiar with the tools you use.

8. Word-of-Mouth marketing

People like to talk, therefore if you take good care of your affiliates and provide excellent items, exceptional affiliates will notice you and tell their friends about you. Furthermore, once they begin advertising your items, others in their network will notice and join as well.

How Trackier helps you Find and Retain the best Affiliates for your Business?

Trackier is one of the leading tracking software for affiliates.

Brands, Advertising Networks, and Digital Publishers may use Trackier to track their clicks and conversions, which helps them improve their affiliate marketing.

Trackier Helps you Manage Affiliates

From a single centralised platform, you can manage all of your affiliates’ marketing efforts. You may search for, approve, merge, and delete affiliates at any time. Filter reports based on duration, country, product, brand, incentive systems, and other factors are also provided. Use our flexible remuneration system to pay based on Rev Share, CPA, CPL, CPM, Fixed Sum, Hybrid, and more.

Trackier helps Affiliate marketers monitor KPIs such as CTRs, signups, customers, revenue, profits, and more by facilitating interactions between Advertiser and Affiliate Dashboard. Using this software, you can easily manage your account and payment information. View the results of your campaign using a variety of reports, get complete transparency and a detailed analysis of all incentive schemes.

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