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Team Trackier at SiGMA Asia 2022

Written by Barkha Gaur

Asia is at the forefront of the global economy, and people are taking notice. The modern iGaming industry is changing the future of the casino and betting business. All the players (at least the ones that plan to win) attend this event to grow and collaborate with the rest of the industry. 

This year, Trackier was present at SiGMA Asia in Dubai and showed how we are becoming a global force for innovation and enterprise.


Exclusive Events at SiGMA Asia

The networking opportunities alone make attending SiGMA worth it. The pandemic had slowed down the in-person meetings and the vigor with which people are coming back is a vision in itself!

Along with the networking opportunities, there was an extravagant awards gala held and we are proud to say that Trackier was nominated in the Affiliate Marketing Software Of The Year category.

Why SiGMA?

As champions of innovation and progress, we found SiGMA Asia to be the perfect hub of innovation and progress. If you are also an entrepreneur, the expo is one of the best ways to get the word about your product out in the market.

The event organizers also provide you with a multitude of opportunities that will get you the bang for your back. Explore SiGMA’s website to learn more about these opportunities ranging from exhibitions, sponsorships, and networking, to media opportunities.

Trackier’s Experience

The 3-day event was sensational, to say the least! Starting with the I.D.A.R.E Gala Dinner which snowballed into a movement celebrating human collective collaboration and imagination to design out-of-the-box innovative solutions, technologies, and systems aimed at co-creating a new earth based on unity and solidarity in order to address sustainability and climate issues.

We always love exploring the history, traditions, and arts, of Dubai and did just that with hundreds of other delegates in attendance. The networking opportunities were plentiful and we took full advantage of each one of them.

The talk on metaverse & blockchain gaming was phenomenal and we took away some really great insights and are using them right now to build our iGaming platform.

Other than that we thoroughly enjoyed the conferences held on digital adtech and future tools, affiliate marketing trends, and e-commerce.

The highlight however was the exhibition. The expo floor was ripe with opportunities to discover new business opportunities and of course who can forget the fantastic meeting with the megastar, philanthropist-entrepreneur Akon.

Learn where we are heading next by checking out our article on the top affiliate events and conferences that everyone in the industry should be attending.

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