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Team Trackier at the D2C Summit and Awards 2022

Trackier shone at the D2C Summit and Awards 2022 which was primarily focused on decoding product, strategy & tech roadmap with breakthrough brands. The entire D2C ecosystem came together in Mumbai to discuss, deliberate, and share exclusive knowledge, and actionable strategies on how to build, operate and scale profitable D2C businesses in 2022.

This event is a must-attend for D2C businesses that want to learn from the most innovative founders, brightest minds, and trailblazing D2C brands.

Our CMO &Co-founder Udit Verma was one of these ingenious minds that took part in the panel discussions and gave his rich input on how D2C businesses can scale profitably and build brands.

With 300+ brands, 1000+ attendees, 100+ speakers, and 25+ sessions; there’s something for everyone at the D2C Summit.

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Why D2C?

Trackier attended the D2C Summit and Awards for its unique ability to help us gain insights from the leading D2C brands about product sourcing, managing fulfillment, and running seamless business operations.

It also has workshops for e-commerce businesses where they will show you what it takes to build a D2C brand that stands out from the crowd and converts like crazy.

And the best part is that you get real insights, business metrics, strategies, and technologies used by the top D2C marketers across every major marketing channel in digital business.

Take a look at the D2C 2022 Summit Agenda to learn more about what D2C has to offer.

Trackier at D2C

Mark Your Calendars For The Next D2C Summit If…

Mark your calendars for the next D2C summit if you want to accelerate your growth in:

  • Product Innovation
  • Business Operations
  • Marketplaces & Social Commerce
  • Paid Advertising
  • D2C Commerce
  • Fulfillment & Customer Service
  • Ecommerce Store Design
  • Building D2C Brands
  • Marketing: Influencer, Retention, Email, and more

To know where Trackier will be heading next, take a look at the Top Affiliate Marketing Conferences & Events occurring around the world.

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